Last CRW Rewards versus Milestones


Whilst many players credited Scopely for a better CRW reward structure i can actually argue with that sentiment and you can argue if you feel i am wrong

First of all, i felt this CRW change in rewards was a little too late if you get me, factions losing players from the sheer copy and paste events non stop, problems with promos, changed in pull odds etc and the botch job of the membership just doesnt help motivation or confidence in the company and game

that said, i was actually impressed with the milestone changes … the final rank rewards were a joke.

When you create a 2 reward chance system and calculate them in 5 etc you are pushing the narrative that this war reward needs to be completed with purchases, which will never go down well with your players as some wont ever add money in. to be turned into 2 wars for 5k-7500 depot points … thats really bad to swallow that from the 2 main events this game has to offer

then the milestones, whilst at 200k its a step in the right direction but many players will never reach those scores because of real life commitments, our own fault but 150k might have been more reachable for others

yet down from the rewards to miestones, had i known fully how it was going to go i would have easily dropped down to a mid tier ranked faction just so i could get into long drawn easy fights and obtain 20k on average each long fight. There was no cause to get top place because of those awful victory tokens

and yes i got a red richard and red rosita, dupes all day long


Thought milestones were amazing this war and hope they stay this way every war. The wheel sucked like all wheels I got another dupe. However, all wheels are the same Scopley have to fix the whole system and that cost a lot man power to do. All I pretty much hear is a generation of always wanting handout without working hard. The 200k milestone for that length of war was perfect. 200k score is not for the casual player it’s a achievement. Their is a reason it’s the last one. I mean seriously all you people want sometimes is cry And kick your feet saying it’s not fair i derserve trophy for participation as I play your game so I am entitled to it. Smh. You guys need to be happy with what we get with this game or go find a new one. Ps. I been playing mobile games since 2006. They are all the same. I never played a fun one that was geared to f2p. How do you think they keep thier doors open. Stop asking for charity enjoy the game or go to another game and guess what u see the same unfair advantage geared to paying players.


Crying again :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


I totally agree, the last milestone was amazing, my point was when youre a top faction, nobody wants to battle it out with you so the matches usually are 3-5k each time which takes a fair bit of time to add up to 200k, my point was the final end rewards were seriously bad, it would have been more better to move down factions to where fights last longer and some coin to reach the 200k rather than finish 1st or top 10


And now try to to tell me how f2p/mild spenders are going to reach 200k without disarms and decpapitators when you face dual-shield-triple-revive-teams all day long.

I really appreciate the overhaul of the milestones. But then again I’d say only heavy spenders can reach those easily.

  1. Late vs never - which would you prefer?

We all feel the same way about it but all you can do is move forward from where you are. And atleast we can say it moved forward… For once.

  1. Milestones -

These don’t need to be reachable by everyone. Grinders should be rewarded for their effort. I frequently skip solo raid and lvl up milestones. These do not require direct activity like war does to be successful. So imo the more they stretch war milestones the better to try to encourage higher activity rather than the ‘milestone and done’ attitude that’s fairly common.

That’s my only 2 cents


This is unfortunately the problem.

Seems they are pushing a defensive win rate increase vs the fun of fast paced battles we used to have.

Groups are commonly cleared with only 1 chance at an attack due to this revive loop team design. Everyone’s disappointed in it. Sadly they’ve yet to show a clear response to broadly countering this meta.


I hit 240k with this team. As you can see all characters are technically f2p. Got them all from anniversary wheel or collections. I have zero stun weapons as well. It’s very doable if you grind it. I played all day sat and Sunday avg about 3k pints a game


Technically F2P, I hear you. :joy:

How high are the chances for Alpha, though? I did a couple 10-pulls on the 5* token wheel since she made it in there and used up all my accumulated token to get her. No luck. Without a Decap, there is almost no way to cut through these kind of teams.


I guess I got lucky then. Maybe look for tyreese but I rather play a 3 revive 2 shield team to me they are pretty easy. The teams I struggle are koa with taunt resist and Glenn Carl violet and sub any random. Those teams mess me up.


Because they have no clue how to get out of the corner they have painted themselves into and based on how many people seem to have the same cookie cutter defense at least for them it’s a profitable corner and one they will gladly stay in for as long as it remains so. Hence Gabe and now Holly.

The only way we are getting out of this timeout meta is if they give the f2p a good disarm and decap toon and they won’t do that until the profits dry up. My question is why should anyone who’s f2p bother to stick around?


I completely agree with u the over saturation of shields and revives makes it extremely difficult for f2p to hit 200k but i hit the milestones before all of the big spenders in my faction (mainly because i no life this game lol) but never the less scopley increasing the milestones doesn’t make a difference when ur constantly facing p2w lydia and gabe dual shield and quad rev teams.


I need the cliff notes version please.


Alpha would be nice …but oh wait shes locked behind an rng wheel and not ready accessible as she should be.


A big portion of the playerbase that is left already struggled hard to reach 100k in this meta. And no, i’m not talking about Top #1 region smotherers duking (coining) it out against each other for an hour getting their milestones within a dozen of wars.

The problem with their reward structure has been that the rewards itself were complete crap up to this point. The new reward structure - while being a step in the right direction purely regarding the crappy prices problem - and having the current meta which allows most people 1-2 attacks tops before they get run over in mind only widens the gap even more. It’s not like top factions aren’t alreaady getting rewarded much more for pure faction rank placement alone. Just consider you most likely got 2 free pulls from wars where the majority got none with you pulling stuff you already have most likely. Now tops also get to widen the gap much much easier than before. Heck, it’s already hard to compensate lost players at the tops because there is no real top potenital within the mid-ranks anymore.

Having to grind 20 hours a war weekend to basically grind through the most boring shield/revive/heal/bonus/guardian combos to get what is utterly needed to push the mid-ranks so they could replace tops wandering off from the game won’t get this game any further.


Ain’t gonna be many wars left with a shit can drop like this last crw.


Ah yes I pointed this out the other day and all my posts were deleted :joy:


I hear what you are saying. Thing is, the final milestone is not meant to be reached without the use of some resources. Whether it is a lot of time, cans that are saved or bought, or good old cash. This is by design. One only has to look at every decision the company makes through the lens of, “how do we make money from this.”

I only hit 100k, and am ok with that. That was my level of participation. Several in my faction hit 200k, but they played solid from beginning of war to end. I didn’t want to do that, so got what I got.

As far as the super-mega teams during war, I just flee and get my 100 or so points. Once again I am not willing to invest the money to compete with them. So I don’t but I don’t expect to.


The milestone was nice. It did have a drawback as I had to reserve for most of Sunday while other in my faction tried to reach it because I had blown past it early Saturday morning.

But there was quite a big frustration in my faction (even from P2P) with some of these defenses. The raids were super long without an attack tower (besides green). And some of these teams, there was just nothing you could do with the constant AP drain.

They are at a point of no return in my opinion. The game is totally broken right now and they keep pumping out more and more revives.


I think you mean

Why should anyone bother to stick around

Most I speak with running premier do not like this game play. It’s not limited to any specific category of accessibility. It’s stale, dry, and boring game play.