Last chance to save the game. Constructive

This is genuinely your last chance to save the game Scopley.

Remove items from collections to get the s class versions of toons, the only requirement is you need two 90s. Including priya, so once you have two at 90 you trade them in for the s class.

Create a class versions of current toons, same requirement two level 90 6 star.

Pete would have to stay the same.

All these s class collections are annoying, your asking players who already have toons to pull for items… Its not going to happen.

So many collections without giving us the basics we need, I’ve ran out of crafting materials for crits for example.

Running day after day of road maps that have 5 waves is boring your making it too hard to maintain an account let alone progress. Everything is a chore. I’m probably what you would class as a whale, but I just don’t see the point putting money in anymore.

I’ve spent thousands (nearly p13) as I enjoyed the game, that enjoyment is no longer there.

So many people have left, and the recent actions just go to show that you must want the game to close because you have not responded to any feedback thats been given.

Not quite over and out, but very very close.


Wow, I didn’t realize that all it took.



Community: Here is your last chance to save the game.

Scopely: Sorry we can’t hear you over the sound of the whale’s wallets dropping over this new OP S class toon


That’s not going to save the game… you cannot give toons our with this stat difference while ignoring 95 percent of the player base.

Imagine when six stars came out if they only sold them and didn’t make any legacies into six stars? That’s what is happening right now. Cristã vs 5 toons.


Christa has a chance!!! Ohh wait when she is maxed it will be christa vs 12 toons!

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Tbf to the OP - enabling any 2 of the same 6 star to merge into an S Class would be a HUGE improvement to what we have now and will help to some extent to level the playing field.


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I don’t quite but this whole summer has but crap. I agree with you on everyone your points although im still against S-classes. This game would be fine without them. it’s so frustrating as a f2p spending months to work on building a decent team and all gone because stupid S-class no one wanted or asked for

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Aka my birthday

My constructive criticism is to just shut the servers down or imma get my boy Elon musk to nuke them bad boys…ur choice :man_shrugging:



Keep collection items get rid of the two level 90 thing as free to play needs something to grind for I a lot of people don’t want pete

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