Last 2 weeks of comic book pulls x2, x2, x2

Maybe it is just the conspiracy theorist in me, but after getting my survivors club toon to T3 and looking forward to finally getting to T4 where I don’t need any more comic books…the past two weeks ALL my comic book pulls have only been 2’s…someone make me feel better by telling me they are getting 3’s and 4’s so I don’t think scopely has disabled the RNG for comics and are milking us all for an extra month of membership fees.


“R N G…easy as F you Slee…” This is what they sing as you open those bags…sorry about your luck man.

Now I’m going to have the Jackson 5 singing that in my head…thanks

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2 2 3 for me.

I had 1 or 2 low weeks.

Good to know…thanks

3/3/2 this week

They doing what they can to keep you subscribing. Good marketing tactic to keep you suckers spending.
Hope she is worth it.

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2 2 2 last two weeks

All I’ve literally gotten for a straight month were 2’s and two 3’s. Saaaalty.

Isn’t your avatar pic from a video game show?

Ive seen 1 x4 in my lifetime. An that was during the free week.

Last rewards were 2,2,2 then again 2,2,2 and recently 3,3,4

No 6, 6, 6? That’s sad.

I have never seen a x4. The best I ever got was 3 3 3

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Just subscribe more months.
Keep surviving

I got a 2 2 4, for two weeks, I just bought the membership too.

Forgot to mention a friend of mine cancelled the sub 2 months ago and somehow game still thinks he has sub like normal. He didnt dared to get it checked.