Last 2/13 6* have been Legacy characters


As the title says, 2 of the last 13 6* have been Legacy characters, and even then Siddiq and Shane were not in abundance.

Would be good to have the release of premier and legacy Legendaries be a bit more even, just for balance within the game.

There was a list of to be release characters as well as leaks from months ago of some, what’s the delay on the release of these Legacy Legendary Characters?


Scopely needs to speak on this topic. It’s not enough to say they’ll be released through early 2018.
Who wants to wait months upon months for old toons to get 6* versions? They need to have a release schedule that they tell us about.


More spending less discussing pleeease Let’s keep forums clean and attractive to new players, thanks!

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Scopely don’t care, there’s enough tools that are still paying. Why would they stop?


They are low on 6* damnit they told us this every week just before the new premier 6*… And those leaked 6* on VK are photo shoped.


Yeah the Russians suddenly start to Photoshop toons just for the fun of it. Makes sense, even though they were leaked with toons that were actually released not to long after :slight_smile:


I am just pointing out the lies. These are lies too… Close the thread ban me whatever they are coming in the forums and lying. I have a persian rug that lies less. We saw joshua eugene red gov long before we saw alpha and beta. But they are low on 6* just like they don’t have a multilevel gearmap available… This is all bullshit, they are putting a strangle hold on all of this to make us pay. We don’t have a gearmap but here have a gear stash. FO with that shit. Like i said 0 dollars and i am not even doing tapjoy for them. Sort your shit and quit lying scopes.