Large Drop Lead Success Rate?

Since Rosa was released & more recently Gator 6*, I’m running dual large drop leads when farming regularly & have noticed no difference in either quality or quantity of my drops.

I’ve also tried experimenting with medium/large drop combinations but there seems to be zero difference between them. So what is a large drop lead supposed to get me? @CombatMan @CombatDevIl @Agrajag

I remember a while ago it was mentioned the later stages of World map would start dropping larger quantities of backpacks but nothing as of yet has gone live, will this be where we see a difference.

Is there a difference between medium & large and if so, what is it?


You should notice quantity increases but as far as I am aware drop leads have nothing to do with quality. There is also a max number of items that you can get. Somewhere around 25-30 max. Again forgot the actual number. Good luck. Can’t remember the last time I pulled a 4 star weapon or toon from the world stage. Been over 3 months since I saw a Lillith either.

You won’t notice much of a difference between multiple medium+ drop leads, but a large drop lead will have a difference from a medium drop lead.

So basically it’s pointless to use Medium + Medium or anything higher…I guess if you have a large drop you don’t need faction drop leads.


At first, I was happy to get Rosa as my third result. But as far as yellow bags go when running a large+med drop lead on several different stages, there is absolutely no difference. Maybe 3⭐ weapon have become slightly common but nothing to write home to. Sucks. I honestly wish the increase drop rate would contribute to the quality. Ingredients and gear are far too common, no matter what stage you do. Weapons are not unless it’s 1 or 2⭐.

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I don’t notice a difference though, that’s the thing.

Large drop lead + faction ally large drop lead = 24 drops
Medium drop lead + faction ally medium drop lead = 24 drops
Large Drop lead on it’s own = 24 drops
Medium drop lead on it’s own = 22 drops

So are you saying once you have a large drop lead any ally bonus is irrelevant? & the difference between medium & large is 2?

Exactly. Haven’t used an ally for almost a year.

I use allies so they can have hire tokens. Helps give fodder and spare depot points

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They dont deserve anything. :smiling_imp:

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To be honest with you I use Rosa myself and I guess I would have to deny that she’s not help me I can post four star weapons that I’ve gotten in just the last few days. I run nothing but 13.3 23.8

So evil :stuck_out_tongue:

How’d you get the devil face? I was looking for that yesterday…

These are the last four all of my weapons are locked so when I go in to take a quick glance I click on inventory and then sell and it will instantly show me the largest starred weapons that I have found. I just sold a bunch of lower stuff

sorry the rifle was new but I just crafted something on it this morning

I just cleaned them I have a total of 95 collected four star weapons modified and unmodified

Quantity not Quality, i see. Good luck with that. xD


You need to disassemble some of those & hope for polishing kits to start again :+1:

Yes I finally reached that time of getting more educated with the armory

Dunno how you guys are able to farm 4stars weapon, It seems for me I don’t get anything from 13.3 and it has been quite some time I’m using dual medium drop or solo large drop.

The last 4stars weapon from drop was like a month and a half ago by chance and was a kukri, but since then nothing.

Drop leads are all crap… They know it also. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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In the last week alone from 13-3 with a medium drop lead and used maybe one world can the rest was natural energy…

That’s more than i got with my rosa… :expressionless:

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