Laopo when repaired

when do you gonna repair the talent of laopo. Still no using turn 1 …

Yeah, second this, Laopo’s turn 1 active not working?! This has been going on for quite sometime now! Please fix asap.

Thanks in advance



She’s been broken for just about her entire time
Doesn’t make a lot of sense she hasn’t been fixed yet

Laopo = territorys

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Oww crap! Ffs ive just max her up vet rings…damn!!!

Yep she’s a waste of space Atm

Her T1 active is irrelevant on defense… because doc has already gained ap and rushed because its even your turn. Its different on attack however.

Ei wait a sec shes T1 Exhaust 300 Active Skill right? Almost same as Angels, so by right she could potentialy kill off doc stevens if hes hp is under 3k only…?!

Right but unlike laopo angel stops actives T1 so when it gets to her she can use her active before doc activates. Exhaust t1 is usually something an attack team wants to do unless you use angel and If you use angel laopos t1 is irrelevant anyway.

Completely understand, tnx. But what im pissed off right now is that after ive taken the time and resources to max laopo out then this fckn angel was released for FREE, talk abt a big fat fck in the azzz!

Laopo is still really good you just need to surround her with a couple of 8% and a couple of commands and she can go off t2 or at least t3 very easily.

Aight tnx a lot and spot on, will definitely try to do that later on…

No problem that’s what these fourms are about. The exchange of ideas and information.

Yep but think its only one sided…and its definitely none coming on scopelys side when you look into laopos as still not working upto now…im dumbfounded af to why it is so?!

Tsk tsk tek!

for a toon that was paid for when she first came out its disgraceful that she still does not work correctly.

As its taken so long and still not fixed anyone that spent coins/money on her when she first came out should get a refund as she does not work as advertised.


Yup, under Google or Apple you can get a refund since it is not working as advertised. @GR.Scopely may want to take that to the team.

Angels isnt working turn 1 either, all war she used it turn 2.

I have not forgotten about this and it is still on my radar. On the last update, I had from the team it is still with them to investigate.


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Omg! Thanks a lot, we all are looking forward to its fix!


To be honest she is significantly better not using her AS on def as you want her AR popping asap. Even on attack, it is a rare circumstance where you’d use her exhaust over building up her AR. The only advantageous time would be against Doc defences with a command plus another toon that needs controlling more than Doc T1.
And she’s definitely not a waste of space. As lead she prevented my camp from exploding in all but 2 or 3 wars.
She is amazing on def as lead.
Believe me, if you have her you do not want that AS going off more often on def. You’ll regret it when it happens.


Ok great to know thanks a lot, will keep that in mind. Cheers

*Side note: Was using her on atk thats why i wanted her as to proc t1 to kill doc def teams before angel came along… :slight_smile:

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What about Princess? Was her bug against himan shield “taken to the team”?