Laopo Thread Lies

Since that thread is closed…

Thank you for showing your true colors. PC wasn’t even aware of this toon or the fact that it’s again, a two week release!


At least they are honest about how they want to treat the players, Real nice job scampely


Should we be excepting an ice cream truck now?!

The speed at which the S class is being released is ridiculous



That greater communication would be appreciated right now @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely, as it appears you have backtracked on your own statement made just 2 weeks ago.



Pathetic shit. Can‘t wait to read the next generic post by them explaining it. "After investigating last war weekend - and not listening to PC - we came to the conclusion that players need more attack team power! With Raulito we think we got you covered, just spend $1,3k!“


Why is anyone still surprised that Scopely is continuing down the expedited release path for S class? PEOPLE ARE BUYING S CLASS; of course they are going to continue. The only chance of change we had was to make s class not profitable.


Ive decided ima just sit back and watch this burn like scopely is doing, they are laughing so hard right now and in my post i called it, s class is making up for lost profits. Over 1k for 1 toon. Those people need help but i said that about people who spent $100 for a toon. Also nothing will change by the 26th except for a new s class toon. RTS is done for unless you want to spend 1k per toon, not counting the two 6* you need maxed to change in for an s class, to stay “competetive” unless you want to spend coins and an insane amount on arenas, best option is to accept not being at that competetive level and go casual, f2p, or just quit. And for any who argue that you support RTS by spending, first of all you support star trek now. Secondly, thanks for letting it get to this point. You ruined a good game! Rant over.


They might be laughing now, but they won’t be by the time January comes.

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Whats in January? Is that when we storm scopely harder than area 51? Is that when everyone stops spending? Nothing will change and they will just make ss class or whatever they wanna call it, charge about 3k for 1 toon, sell your 1st born child to scopely and your liver and people will be happy to do so lol


I just don’t think this can keep up… 4,000+ a month? Come on. No chance.

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Lmao u actually believed those fukn idiots? I can’t wait to read this next copy and paste lie.

Im glad i depoted my roster lol

Buy borderlands 3 and have some real fun

Seeya in another week or 2 peeps


This was also promised in the above screenshot, and given that we haven’t seen their appearance in milestones, as stated, but instead as the Top 3 rank rewards, then I think the post title is still valid.

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The cones are dropping in raids for this typhoon event :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

So are blue keys during raids…

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Finally! No more this bs “pu is not about stop spending”.


Yeah random bones thrown at us! Hurray :joy::partying_face:

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I just opened 20 raid crates, 0 blue keys and 0 ice creams


Sir, you got Scoplayed.

Who is the new s class did I miss something? Oh never mind didnt see new guy was sclass