Laopo - The S-class killer. How to beat 5 S class with 5 6 stars

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Worth noting that whilst this Laopo has fought 5 S class and won every time since its been perfected, she has faced multiple Petes in one team, multiple Priyas in one team and other Laopos, as well as of course the free Sclass, most of the war raids and normal raids were against 2 or 3 Sclass (not including normal teams without multiple Sclass of course), not 5 and she has been untested against Raulito.

As stated in the link. The team has a weakness against a Doc + Command or shield.

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Thank you for the info, she is the one I’m working on now.


No probs :slightly_smiling_face:

nice … thank you for info

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F me Laopo is a girl🤷🏼‍♂️


Haha she is indeed. I highly recommend getting her.

I read it and 8% effect everyone. With that setup you must be going to wire everytime. It must be painfully slow and I question it even beating the timeout in raids.

What about against a Raulito lead :joy::joy::joy:

surely theres 5 star removes bleed with their ar behind a shield

Been doing ok with this against s-class/payback teams. Rick has the 8% ap. All of them have bleed/ burn mods. It does take some time tho

hmm the Camila team sounds a lil weird but i have seen some weird ass teams beat some good teams. Good luck getting the gear to ascend all these sclass im struggling with the gear shortage.

Have you thought about/tried Yumi and Michelle (in place of Raven) for active skill AP gain? You can then use Laopo’s active exhaust first round and still generate enough AP for her to AR round 3.

I don’t have Laopo ascended yet (I used Shawn just for the 85 AR stand-in), and taking out Raven may be a stretch, but for discussion’s sake…
Round 1:
Laopo active skill, others hit normal, Shield toon shields
Round 2:
Yumi and Laopo (needs huge AP weap) hit normal first [order is important so that they both get the AP boost], then use Michelle active, Camila normal hit, Shield shields
Round 3:
Yumi active skill (puts Laopo over the top on AP), Camila AR to grant focus, Laopo AR on lead toon, Michelle normal hit (ready to AR next round), Shield shields
Round 4:
Yumi and Michelle AR, etc, etc

Again, can’t really try this myself under fire yet, but Michelle is a much more accessible toon than Raven. Firepower and control are better with Michelle, but Raven’s heal (and elusive) would be tough to give up. Maybe it’s just a flavor-variant to use specifically against Doc teams? I also don’t know that I’d use exhaust more than that initial turn; AP numbers might get all out of sync and cause too much randomness/attention. But with the two active AP boosters, it should be even easier to keep Laopo ARing every three turns.

Thanks for the post! Love seeing creative ideas being offered, versus people just offering creative belly-aching! :smile:

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Yep mind derp, got mixed up with +20% to one since I don’t use either.

Question all you like, you have that right, but I assure you it works just fine. It always beats timeout in raids, unless there are 2 S class Petes it won’t even get to the clock. The opponent can’t heal or revive, why on earth would it timeout?
Granted, its not turn 3 or 4, but it’s very rarely even getting to the timer.

That is an excellent idea! Unfortunatly I don’t have Michelle but this might work really well for others.

No probs :slightly_smiling_face:

Great team for the job - Charlie is an even more reliable controller than Yumiko. Get rings on that Camila and Charlie and you won’t find it taking anywhere near as long. I’ve got def down on Laopos weapon and that seems to really help too.

Charlie is the real winner here.His stats with vet rings are fairly good

Shhh! @CLIFTON87 i need everyone to keep focus on priya and pete, lao po is a beast who can shut down the entire team.

Calling it now, new ap gain coming so the 85 ap rush wont matter anymore

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