Laopo the last airbender

A long a time ago four kingdoms lived in harmony theese kingdoms where the gator. Caroline. Donny and scopley Kingdom
Everyone lived in peace til the scopely kingdom atked
Only the airbender master of of all 4 kingdoms could save us but when we needed him most
He was eating fking pancakes
A 100 years later mysterion and himself would find a new cash grab named laopo held prisoner in the scopley Kingdom would turn out to be a airbender and that fateful day mysterion would rush past rains of poisoned pancakes and fields half baked gas then using the power of bugs broke laopo from her confimds and so from this day onwards mysterion will help laopo master all 4 kingdoms.



Gz on pull. Hope you get at least a good 2-3 weeks usage for this character.

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This thread made me smileand lol…

Very noice indeed !!