Laopo S-class worth it?


Laopo S-Class has been here for a short time, but enough so I have seen her around… What are you thoughts about her? Is she worth the struggle?

The possible def team could be:

Laopoo S - DOC - AARAV S - maybe DOC (if you have 2) - Guardian Rick /Lydia/Command Maggie? dunoo…

How do you use her?

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Laopo is a good S Class Char but if you manage to get a second S Class Laopo your defense will be annoying as hell.

In an attack team Laopo can easily replace a Neutra Char in your team. Combine it with a command on slot 4

I saw in war s laopo team with s arrav and some shield, no command. All also with huge ap when def weapons. Very annoying team for more than 3 turns for sure.

ahh so the Defense could be:

Lapoo - doc - lapoo - doc - aarav

Sclass laopoo and Aarav :smiley:

Add s-class henguyen in there

Laopo - doc - aarav - doc - aarav Maybe lol

I would think 2 laopos 2 docs and Cameron could be pretty annoying maybe like gabriel instead of second laopo

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If not decapitated they l’d be revived by Pete

The 2 Docs would be dead round 2, if attacker also take a Laopo in… Too risky to use 2 Docs.

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Yes 100% put it this way the enemy has a shield and multiple revive toons or high damage toons all you can do is attack the shield because you got unlucky she can then stop the whole team from rushing and using active skills which could be an active revive without using it on the centre toon

You cant win them all on defense…

Laopo lead , doc , s-aarav, s-hengyan, command (imo use zander as his rush can allow another to rush)
Hope it helps

Could Work… need though get my Laopo, need scoops to fix the 3200 collection app n museum…

Hm for me i wud need to get both hengyan nd aarav

She’s awesome! Doc killer on attack with her exhaust & so helpful with her impair, daze & attack down. You can’t die once she pops.


Zander will be whipping boy with no lead skill

True guess maggi is better or nik

I agree. I was just trying to say it could be balanced a bit, using just 1 Doc. That way, you don’t decimate your team. :slight_smile:

So what do you suggest ? :slight_smile:

Just 1 Doc, not 2…

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