Laopo’s AS fixed!

Thanks @GR.Scopely

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Yep seems to be working, wonder if they fixed Secretary

What they fixed exacly ?

Turn 1 active exuast


Sadly been losing defences because of this

He doesn’t work here anymore

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Is that because he/she doesn’t build Ap quick enough now🤷🏼‍♂️

NOOOOOO!!! Damn it. Now Laopo has just become significantly worse on def.

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Yes, the exhaust is a minor irritant to players whilst the AR is a game winner.


Yep exactly that


But nooo people kept nagging to fix it because it slightly annoyed dr. Stevens on attack :roll_eyes:

Great now ill go for her s class.

This used to be the case. We are in the Aarav 2-3 turn attack meta now and exhaust shuts him down like nothing else. Dr. Stevens has left the conversation.

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Does it only work with her as lead, or all the time now?

It’s her AS so yeah works all the time if she is not dazed

So do we now need a bunch of threads saying unfix Laopo?

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