Laopo not using her turn 1 active skill

I encountered laopo several times on crw she never use her active skill turn 1

Daze? On priya stops it

I can see it being intentional. Unlike characters like Doc Stevens/Cole, there isn’t a 100% chance that Laopo using her active will help the team.

If the enemy doesn’t run any AP gain characters/weapons, Laopo always using her active on turn 1 is pretty much useless and a waste of a turn.

Of course, then you could say the AI should be trained to recognize when Laopo should use her AR, but that goes deeper into the discussion of what is the considered threshold of which Laopo should use her active.

Is Donny’s 20% AP gain to 2 enemies enough? Is Chris’ weapon enough? Or should Laopo only use it if there’s a Doc Stevens?


-Doc Stevens
-Blue Morgan
-Secretary Guo
-Cameron Scarr

20% definitely not but any of the above certainly.

What you said would make sense if Michelle and regina didn’t use their active when they are impaired.

Their actives can give AP to others aside from themselves. Those others might not be impaired.

A closer example of what you’re trying to say is Guardian Rick trying to revive an enemy with heal reduction. In most cases, either Guardian Rick can’t recognize that the enemy is dead via heal reduction and uses it. But his active has a secondary component that gives himself AP so it isn’t a total loss. I don’t know how characters like Mia/Mackenzie interact with allies with heal reduction though.

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They dont bother using it or healers like Kapoor unless theirs something else like gaurdian ricks ap gain or leagues sandy taunt

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