Laopo not useing her active first turn on auto or on defense team?

I’ve noticed laopo is designed to kill toons like the doctor 1st turn with her active skill. But when useing the auto battle or her on def team. She won’t use her active on first turn. Scopely is that intentional? Otherwise why give her a turn one active and not have her use it in AI mode?


I think this is a known bug that hasn’t been fixed

bump. needs fix. although I think having her attack for AP is usually better than using the active anyways. but still fix it. lol

She definitely needs to be tweaked so she uses her active more. On def she’s kinda pointless if she doesn’t.

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they cant fix it because there is no $$ involve :joy::joy::joy:

@GR.Scopely any news bud on a fix🤗

any word?

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