Laopo AS / dazed?

Hey guys

Can / should Laopo use her AS 1 turn even get a tickle hit from priya first round and get dazed ? I can’t test it now while Laopo is not working, but even dazed should she not use AS 1 turn?

If she get a hit by Priya she can’t use her AS . Unless Priya weapon being messed with or Laopo have a daze resist mode wich pretty rare.

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Daze stops that toon from being able to use their active skill. Priyas weapon has a daze on attack built into it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes Daze resist is the shit NOw a days…

She is definitely still not working tested against teams and tested attacking she doesn’t use her Askill

Nope she dosent… @GR.Scopely

yeah…not working at all m8…a few random times but still broken…why they can fix this is a joke.

Double attack weapon on Priya not working to, it never ends

Sad… paying for this game and they can’t fix simple issuses, but yet make new p2w events all the time, that is working fine

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