Lao Po Is coming

So the 6* version of Lao Po Is up on ascendance tower

But the S-Class have better skills and AR I guess. A melee Pete with exhaust…

Wonder what thmype of event thypoon will be…

Tbh I was expecting the next S-Class toon in like a month, well, it’s only a matter of time when the market is flooded with spending class now


is this a rhetorical question ofcourse
its P2W mostly :smile:

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+2000 more stats. S class got another buff :joy::joy::joy:


around total 14k stats :laughing:
what is this sh#t!


Who’s better between him 6* version and Green Gabe? I’ve been waiting for a while so I might go for him

Do you have over $1k worth of coins?

I’ve 20k coins, I don’t know the odds, he’s not out here yet, I was waiting for green Gabe for a long time but this one could be cool too, thats why I’m asking, plus he can evolve to the next S class meta so?

That won’t be enough. Don’t do it.

Probably the same system as Prya and I’ve heard of people spending 60k coins to get one.

Yup I just saw from other topic that you’ll need 2 of him + crafting, this is so discouraging, the toon is not out yet and I’m already disgusted, why 2 of him, why not longer exp and/or crazy gears so you can still get him now and make him evolve later…
Could have been fun, don’t know the wheel yet but I might keep saving if no crazy melee leads out there.

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Fun fact: 老婆(lăopo)" means “wife” in Chinese.

Used in a sentence:

You better hide that credit card bill from your lăopo after this premier recruit :laughing:


This will certainly add more depth and value to the game

I assume you mean 6* version because obviously that s class is just silly

Anyone notice that necklace looks incredibly similar to the stash completion necklace?

daze i wonder where they got that from :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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