[Lancaster Region] The Skeleton Crew [[TSC] Now Recruiting!

Looking to join an active faction, but don’t have enough rep to war consistently? We have the crew for you! We consistently score top 13 in all out war wars and are looking for fun, positive, caring, and loyal players to join us as we look to climb the rankings.

We offer an environment conducive to fostering player growth no matter what skill level you are. We value your attitude above all else. We would rather have lower level team players than a casher with no regard for teamwork. If you have any questions regarding joining the faction or require an invite if your rep is too low, feel free to contact any of the following co-leads:

  • PhatWalrus (myself)
  • Monica
  • Titus
  • Mike
  • Soullight
  • Ish
  • By-Tor Snowdog

Faction Picture:

Previous Wars: