Lame Scopely Never Ceases to Amaze


Wtf. More level ups after level ups, etc… This is really not a good look scopely. Get your $hit together. My 9 year old is better at holding promises. Truly despicable with your $80 million that I’m sure is underestimated. Maybe if everyone just took scopely to task with Apple store & Android store for stuff like still not exposing the fractional percentage anyone has for getting anything of value in the game. I’ve been saying lately the 2 leading causees of divorce are scopely games & marriage. Take that for feedback from a player since August of 2015… Just trash.


Coming right up!! I actually need another lvl up

What prestige are you?


I’m at 10. Getting close to 11, about 85 more days I think


I bet you can’t wait to get Michonne’s cloak. I hit Prestige 11 a few months ago and was so excited to get mine. Can’t wait to finally level her all the way :joy:


Yeah kind of. I’m almost more amped for the potential tent token daily. Usually crap but I got about 7 epics when they dropped in raids last summer.


Elite character token is not in the prestige crate until P13.


Well bummer. I just looked & you are totally right. I was thinking of potential basils & Brady’s before I think.