Lag when leveling up S Class toons

Every time a toon is fed to an S class, this shit happens. Already done with it.


yes, same here

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Pareil ça rame

It’s for most toons

I just thought they made a happy dance jump when levelling them

Posted 2 times about this and nothing has been done

This hurts people wanting take first in last 10 secs

You say some pretty silly stuff but this may be the best yet. It takes like half a second for it to go away sometimes a second at the most. I think territories for most people is a much bigger issue.

Not when your putting up fast 10m in last 10 secs… takes 3 secs per 10 stack of 5 star trainers…
How think people win most level ups in regions that put up big scores??

How do i??

territories is never going get fixed get over its been 2 years that territories have been out.
If was going be fixed you would think be fixed within them 2 years… they dont lose money from it so it wont be fixed

Take all cases where they do lose money how fast it gets fixed Also helps playing for 4 and half years… know all their types of bullshit they pull and wont fix.

Wait am I misunderstanding or are you saying trainers stack now?

No as in picking and holding it down

Ok, thanks.


Crying lmao no should not be in the game was not there before they pushed the update so why should it be now?
How think people won level ups back in day with 5s .-.

Nice flex thou :grin::+1:

5 tier 4 6s is not much of a flex…

I was bigging up the S-class​:hugs::joy: ha thought it was Priya

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