Lady Geek here is the proof you asked for

You said we were making accusations well here is his post admitting he cheated. They were facts not accusations


and this is Mr Duffy

Players who have been banned for cheating shouldn’t be allowed to buy new accounts and continue playing because that is against TOC also. This is totally unfair to all of the legitimate players you have. How long is it going to take for Scopely to get serious about cheating in this game?


Pepperidge farms remembers & so does forums. When are we going to really do something about cheating, hacking etc? When will Scopely actually follow their own TOS?

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He cheated to get Piper :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

That’s not what LG said. She said we just need to report the newly made account. So basically letting a cheater know they can create another account to cheat again once the original gets b@nhammered. And repeat.

Rinse and repeat like shampoo do it until you get the desired effect lol

LOL Scopely obviously didn’t do anything about this guy. I know I reported him originally. If they did ban him, that means he was able to obtain 50+ gps and 50+ canteen within 4 months or so on his brand new account.


Well this must be what they thought…



You read my mind not sure how you are loaded with all that gear and still banging out Sclass one after another when legit whales are on a gear shortage yet this guy seems recession proof

Whatever the response is from Scopely it will be the customers fault

I did not say I needed proof.

I said, send the proof directly to the people who investigate cheating. This is NOT appropriate discussion for the forums.