Lack of war cans or sales!

Drop rate sucks!!! But no sales of cans or bags. 15 region war and lack of war can sales. Come scopely make this game great again.

and you are wanting them to do this by giving you things to buy :rofl::crazy_face::clown_face:


Sorry man I’m not f2p or I dont war on the forums like your self. Since that only action you get.

very good to reply with insults but it is funny you want them to make the game great by just giving you things to buy :rofl: if you are so hurt by this then just buy cans

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Insult? Stating facts. Everyone play the game on how they want to play the game. I dont hate or dog anyone on way they want to play the game. I like war. it’s my entertainment and I need cans.

ok so just buy them as you are needing them

Look up the definition because you’re giving an opinion on the drop rate.

give kookie a snicker

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Ever since i added him to one of my polls and won the category he’s been :golf: All my post.
He’s the 3rd person to be on my honeybee list.

90% of those likes were on your first couple of days on forum lmaoo and back then i could see your profile and i was the only person your were liking every post.

You were obsessed with me and that made you well known and don’t forget that i know who you were before you changed your name.

Forum fight!


I put my money on kookland, facts/ohsnap doesnt stand a chance

I see Kooky is back on the save Scopely trail again👍

Kool and gang hi jack my post with his no sense. Feed me cans so I can rock your defense

Kookie your Corporate Nuthugger schtick is boring and lame now :rofl:
come up with new trolling tactics!

Never thought I would defend @kookland but he was being critical of someone who suggested Scopes could make the game great again by selling more !

How is that being a Scopely treehugger. I was actually thinking he had been replaced by an anti Scopelynet terminator from the future.

Don’t, he does not deserve it :laughing:

Check his other recent posts, he’s back to oddfully trolling people again!

OP wanted more offers and bags for war cans thats all! He just presented an opinion. Kooky took a portion of his statement and tried to troll him on that and as always failed :rofl:

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Lol nuthuggers I like iy.

You should have stocked up when they were offering them to all the regions who weren’t in toc but were doing faction raid last weekend.

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