Lack of time and events for the peace wheel

Been exactly 1 instance to earn peace tokens f2p really and ima be 15 short if placed in top 20 for a measly 10 tokens lmao

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So but a crate with your free coins from leuges :man_shrugging:

Just dumb cause now instead of getting top 25 you have to get top 20 for the same maybe even worse rewards tbh

Classic scopely move.

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It’s Shameful we got 60 in first war and will probably finish in 20th to 30th so an absolute waste of time, feel sorry for our lower level peeps who would love to make a pull, they are the future but if you don’t give them an incentive they will give up

Well, I don’t have a crate that I can buy with gold and that has victory token in it. :man_shrugging:


You will soon

It’s going to be just like Lucky Tokens, two days before it ends they’ll have a offer for 2 to 5 tokens for $20 in the shop. That way you can spend $80 to make up the difference so you can pull Guardian Zeke :rofl::rofl:

You have more than me I have a whopping 20 lol

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These tokens are absolute garbage anyway.
Your not missing anything.

4 pulls and 4 dupe garbage…

Biggest waste of money I’ve ever had in this game.
Didn’t help me one bit.

Wrong, they’re not Victory Tokens. Scopely got the image the wrong way round, they should look like this:

They’re sticking two fingers up at the player base…


It comes from Churchill when he made this sign which meant victory but was turned into the peace sign during the 60s. Thats what scopely was going for and thats what that comment was referring to

Not quite, Churchill did it the other way round - the way round that I posted - which is many circles of the English speaking world also means “up yours”…

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Good to know, didnt know that lol makes sense tho coming from scopes

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