Lack of "Support" knowledge

I was curious on the points break down of veteran rings per level so I contacted support about it since for some reason they still haven’t posted in game and this is the Brainless response I got. :man_facepalming: :rofl:

They don’t even know about the game they work on :joy:

Anyway does anyone know what the breakdown is? Is it a flat point rate or does it increase the higher the level?
Thanks in advance :+1:

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Do you mean how much stats increase when you add veteran’s rings?

1 vet ring gives you 15k point and whole 30 vet ring gives you 450k :slightly_smiling_face:


What are veteran rings, not seen them since the new leagues came out😂


That was a good joke :laughing:

But if I were to take you literally, then this week you can get 1 ring in top30 arenas… so possible to get 3-8 per week - one in each domination, one from entry milestones and 3 in championship arena that rewards at least one choicebox to all

Living off 7 a week for a while now lol