Lack of silver metals

These 10-30k rewards throughout a tournament isnt enough. We need these roadmaps we got at the release of 6*s back asap. With or without the gear.

I got two.

Im with you on that one. Ascended 12 and have enough medals to ascend 5 or 6 more. I am just very selective with who I ascend amd dont feel the need to ascend just to ascend.

More medals👍🏻

They need to just make ascension free. I too am low on medals. And I have 5 toons that are at various stages of waiting for ascendance. Gear Blocked from Sandy.
If 6* are getting rammed down our throats, Ar leadt stop blocking us from trainers, gear & medals ffs.


We want to be able to get them through the game not in some stupid stash that costs 100 bucks

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Agreed. I have enough to Ascend two more characters, and I already have a full team of Maxed out Tier 3 Legends.

The right thing to do is to give both Ascendence tokens and Golden Ascendence Tokens as either small quantity drops in certain parts of the game (around 500 - 1000 for normal tokens and 50 - 100 for Golden tokens, which should be rare to get compared to the earlier.), or decent amounts for completing Stages/Acts in a roadmap.

The Kingdom Roadmap helped, but not much. It would’t take that much effort to make another one with better rewards. Make it like a Daily Roadmap, Easy Road giving Ascending Tokens and Hard Road giving Golden ones. It’s simple, actually.

It’s optional for the players to complete it or not. Some can choose to do it to save the tokens for later, others will complete it for the sake of ascending and team improvement, while some can decide not to do it at all.

The kingdom road map was bs imo because the amount of metals we got wasn’t even enough to do one 6* no where near it u need 250k of silver metals and u got 10k for finishing a stage of each one and it took a week to open up in between each stage and u couldn’t even farm the stages for extra silver metals I mean come on now scopely knows they shorting us I agree it would be extremely easy for them to make each lvl drop the metals even if they dropped at 500 to 1000 each stage they would make money hand over fist with world refills as well so that they would be farmable so that u could actually get enough metals to ascend a 6* if it’s a there stage roadmap there should be enough metals to ascend one 6* by the time ur done with it with the bonuses at the end @kalishane

I got enough in me for 1 more 6*… 5 possibilities :see_no_evil:

@kalishane can u please address some of the issues brought up in this thread please

So u are saying ur sitting on 1.25 mil in silver metals smh and how many 6* do u have already what 3

Hahaha no I don’t have that many left :see_no_evil: I have like 300k silver. 1k legendary medals left.
Currently have 9 6* and have another 5 I can ascend.

Really happy with the medals that will come from this SR tour!

Stop ascending characters other than 5*.
Problem solved.