Lack of silver metals

We need more silver Metals I’m extremely active and I have done all the roadmaps and everything and I’m still short I finally got a Carl and now I can’t ascend him because im short on silver metals I’ve got over a 1000 golden metals but not enough silver metals or also bin buying the boxes from the supply depto please scopely stop withholding what we need to progress the game on @kalishane


Every time scopely live ops see a blank space in tourney rewards and milestones they should stick legendary medals and silver medals in


Yeah, I agree. Ascendance medals are in short supply at the moment. I’ve been ascending 3/4* toons trying to get a Rosa or Siddiq, but it’s left me short for the creation of legends. Let’s hope these start coming though a little more regularly now that the momentum is improving.


They either need to lower the amount we need to ascend a6* or make it that u can Farm them easily and not just through the sales depto and through the rare chance at getting them in a faction assault because to have to wait weeks at a time to have the chance at getting them is just seriously driving people away from the game especially when u have all the gear and everything else which is even more rare

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What they need to do is take one of the radio roadmaps and make it drop the metals instead of the gear people have tons of radios and never use them because they have more than enough of that gear stacked up


The roadmap giving 30k over 3 weeks shows the disconnect between Scopely and the playerbase. 30k is a kick in the backside for the energy requirement per stage, then to lock it behind a timer made no sense either.

30k doesn’t even give you enough to ascend a 4* to a 5* - thanks for the roadmap but either make it farmable or give amounts that actually make it worth while running


@kalishane please we need silver medals…can we at least get the option to buy more crates daily from supply depot


Support will tell you to buy them from survival depot, which is a slap in the face. You can get up to 10k silver medals and as low as 6300, I’ve been getting them daily. Problem is 5 legendary medals, 6300 medals for 2 weeks straight. Their rng is completely broken, it would take forever and a day to get enough to ascend someone

30k was a big kick in the ass for sure.

Not a fan of having to grind/farm for stuff we need to play the game. It’s a waste of time imo.

These maps should have had 50k,100k, and 100k in medals as the rewards. Scopes needs to stop being so damn stingy with everything.

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250,000 medals
divided by
6,300 per crate
Or just call it 40 days per ascendance.

Not really feasible huh? :confused:

Not everyone needs them though


Whilst they’re not constant, I’m not running out any time soon , And I have 10 6s and ascended a whole load of 4s too ( maybe 10 at least )

But they should be made available at least once a week on a roadmap and in event prizes I agree

I have 6 six stars and have enough to ascend 4 more right now too. We are in this place because we grinded the hell out of the launch event. Think about everyone who started playing after the event. They are screwed with no way to collect these medals. And while the two of us are good for now we too will be out of medals if they do not come up with a way to gather these stupid and pointless medals. Let’s be honest isn’t having to collect 8 fodder 5 star toons enough? Why add another useless step keeping us from advancing. It’s not like they even sell them that often either. It’s just short sightedness on scopes part.

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Yeah it’s really bad on some players who thought about returning and missed out on the early bump. They have since walked away cause they can only get a 6s every 3 months or buying these tokens. Sad when gold ascension medals outpace the blue ones. Should be other way so. More players can build fodder for ascension and lower rank players have a real path for growth.

Doesn’t matter if top players have 60 6s since gear is relatively scarce and they can only use 5 on a team. It is an issue if F2P can only ascend one per 3 month period cause of these dumb blue tokens and have to spend alot on fodder to. Cover the ascension cost.


We definitely need more silver medals, and shouldn’t be too hard to get.

10 6s is pretty low at this point a lot have 15 or even more

Don’t really feel the need to ascend anyone else atm, until I get Vincent, quality over quantity lol

300 ÷ 5 leg medals/day= 60 days. So it would take up to 60 days to ascend a 5* from 0 medals. There needs to be a better way to get the medals. And more often, waiting 7 days between acts doesn’t help, either.

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True I rushed a bit but in the context of the ascendance I wouldn’t change it I like having them for different sr, defense, and offense variations

Title should be lack of everything in the game.
Or I should clarify “lack of everything in game that is needed”


Ascension medals are pointless. The fodder and gear requirements are what will keep people from over ascending toons. We don’t need a 3rd thing to keep holding us back. Get rid of them Scopely or come up with a easy non farnable way of getting them.

You must be aware that once people are totally out of medals they will no longer pull for your premiere recruits right? Or is the plan to start selling 250,000/300 medal boxes for several hundred dollars as well?