Lack of rewards and storyline in World Map


I think it’s a bug as wiki shows a bit. For example. Finishing epizod such as pig farm, highway, rest stop, dc schoolyard etc. should grant me coins and other rewards after completion. I haven’t got a single coin, nor seen a single story line since switching on to Road to D.C.
Is that a bug?


Have you ever completed them in another region?


Oooooh shit!!! U just reminded me that that I had a bug that stopped the story from progressing on my alt region recently.

This is probably a bug @kalishane @Dash

I don’t know If anyone remembers when the road map was glitched recenlty and one stage would “blink” as if not completed.

You could complete the whole roadmap, but rewards and the story would stop at the blinking stage.

(I remember it was a roadmap for some event because a lot of people needed help collecting the rewards. Hmm the beginning of the Shiva force event maybe?)

I was playing on my alt account and this happened to me in the word map.

This could be what you are experiencing @Hrater . Go back and find the blinking stage and replay it until it triggers the story.


Thanks for the info – and also for sticking it in the right category!! <3