As the structure of the WDRTS changes, with introduction for example of S-Classes, Scopely has increased the bar of toons performance and abilities.

However the resources accessible to customers have not increase on par with this change.

This has lead to the existing resources no longer fitting customers requirement or being in line with the current meta

1a) 6* & S-CLASS TRAINERS, invidividually do not have enough xp to support the current meta e.g. still using 2* 3* 4* 5* toons to upgrade 6s and S-Classes, (why isn’t there the introduction of 6 trainers - Non rush or AS, and S-Class trainers to coincide with the games evolution?)

Creating 6* and S-Class basic trainers would make fall in line with the current products development and is much needed for customers.

1b) QUANTITY AND AVAILABILITY OF TRAINERS The grindable quantity also available to customers is lacking behind the current meta also. Scopley needs to ensure that customers have multiple avenues to obtain Trainers now as the games development now has hit the threshold where this has now become a requirement.

Simple introductions such as having trainers available via league store, Roadmaps, World map drops, etc and increasing the amount you get would help customers, e.g. of trainers are part of milestones, increasing the amount on offer.

  1. GEAR SHORTAGE. Various gears are not widely available. Since the introduction of the new meta requires X several the gear requirement in some case.

Gear should firstly be made more available via similar avenues as proposed for trainers (league store pricing should be cheaper and have more multiples).

If customers wish to purchase via money transaction, then it should be expected that gear should be less expensive, unfortunately however their seems to be a trend for increasing prices and coin based bags or crates offers (eg. A trainer offer that used to cost $10 before s-class now cost $35).

  1. LEVEL UP POINTS. Levelup points should be addressed. After 6* was released, it wasn’t long before the levelup renown points was updated accordingly. However, it’s been a couple of months now since S-classes have been introduced now and it’s become a real struggle for customers to level up these toons. It definitely is the right time to update the renown points to include S-class.

Scopely is asking customers to welcome in the new meta, but not providing customers without methods of being able to embrace the new meta to its full potentional.

They haven’t providing us with new tools that when you usually introduces or level up a product businesses would either have to increase resources or create new resources to keep in line.

There needs to be an option for f2p and customer who grind, but also to all customers to assist in this and not just the multiple offers that we are seeing popping up all the time.

Scopley has raised the bar, thus they need to raise the bar in line with their other products too.

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Totally agree with this, when introducing a new product/meta to the game, Scopely really need to define the customer journey in obtaining and lvlling up the product and introduce new means for customer to be able do this.


You can rather buy it or grind it, or both :slight_smile:

From what I know and as a hardcore grinder myself, the resources drain with the new meta can’t keep up with, the new meta and im a f2p, so purchasing with hard earned cash is not an option


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When 6* were introduced, maxing them was a huge challenge as well. This is a good thing, generally.

It’s by design to get you to pony up cash

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Well argued :blush:
If only Scopely would listen

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Tbh I don’t understand gear shortage. Instead of levelling useless toons, save resources. But people want to score 15mil each level up. We have a saying that is something like this… Pack and store for moments of need

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This is people lvlling up toons to reach milestones for collection items. I’ve never hit 15 million and im short of gear and resources and I grind like crazy

I just level up some toons, maybe 1.1mil milestone. More during faction LU. Plenty of gear left even after maximum 2 S Toons…oh, and I grind like crazy too

The shortage is real, you got to LU to get the collectibles in the first place🤗

That’s one customers experience, there are many others who may not be in the same predicament as you as with me but if Scopely are going to raise the bar, they need to also insure that they raise the bar on the resources available as not every one has the luxury of being able to spend or being in a top faction where items are more readily available and other circumstances


What collectibles? The 2k items you mean?

I also don’t ascend and level useless toons.
But the gear requirements for the combination of veteran rings and SClass toons (that requires you to ascend and level 2 6 stars) means you run out of gear quickly.

When I saw how much gear it took to level I started buying all the gear I could, and I haven’t felt the shortage yet, but I’m now perpetually out of league tokens. Now with a paired down event schedule every week, I’m gaining fewer league tokens than I used to.

Yes the 2k collectibles for winning LU

No spending, just grinding.

Karl come on bud 99% of peeps are not in your situation and im a huge grinder to, you got to admit for most there isn’t enough gear to go around and we need more avenues to get thus gear🤗

I know. Still 800k league tokens left, so should be good for a couple months I think. I have used rings on only 1 toon which I know I will be using for a long time. Have over 200 in inventory. Will use them when I finish the 2 Stoons Im levelling.

I just grind. Dont spend. I know that gear is lacking and that’s why people need to be extra careful about how to use it. Ive seen people doing 15mil in LU the whole month, get the 2k items and then dont have gear to level up their SToons. Then they complain that gear is not available. If it was easily available everyone would score 15mil + each LU

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