Lack of ranged buffers

It seems there are now tons of melee buffers but a serious lack of ranged buffers. A good defense buffer is the key to balancing a great defense team; with tons of f2p ranged toons being released there needs to be a buffer behind them to make them match melee counterparts like Glenn or Zeke. Even great p2p toons like Erika fall short due to the inability to include buffers. With the exception of Jeremiah, there are no ranged defense buffers so there is really nothing available for your f2p players as far as ranged teams go. There’s lots of great toons out there that do cool stuff, but don’t forget your basic atk and def stats :slight_smile:

F2p atk or def buffers
Zeke, Negan, Glenn, Gator, Dwight

P2p atk or def buffers
Bruce, Dante, Rosita rts7, Kelly, Jeremiah, Hershel

Yeah, i run a melee team so i have no problem buffing, but i noticed this lack of buffer’s when i tried to run a ranged team.

Right now i have 23 legendary toon’s and not a single ranged buffer.

TBH, I think it’s to balance defense. The oversaturation of stun and impair guns is already appalling, so having half you team disabled when trying to prevent a buff and then being hit with buffed ARs is jut a bad idea.

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Tbh if there was a ranged buffer at zeke tier anyone with jerimiah would mince you
Jerimiah is like the new victor lol we didn’t know how good he was til he was used amd probed to turn any living thing into mincemeat lol

We don’t need anything to make ranged toons even easier on attack lol

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