Lack of motivation

Right, but all of us who have paid have kept this game alive and ad free. Those of us who are spenders have gotten the shaft, first making 5*s basically obsolete and then the falsehood of old toons being rolled out to be ascendable. You have to see the bitterness that spenders have atm. We built our roster to basically have them taken away hence the reason we would love to see ascendable toons in rewards.

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Ad free? Ya kidding? The offers that take up the right side of the screen?! O.O

Now listen, I get it. Even spending a lot, one isn’t guaranteed a good toon. Hence, a lot was spent. But the change actually benefitted some of us who have been playing nonstop and were never able to outspend the whales. Now I have a meta-based team (Mirabelle with Tyreese and Abe) and Carl and I’m having a blast. I still die and I’m not invincible, but the change brought life back to the game for me and many others like me who are small dolphins compared to you whales.

Enjoy it will you can… the Emma will change with the new alert leaders ready to destroy those carl led teams. You will still be on the top of the f2p, but you will fall behind soon.

I don’t lead with Carl, lol. I used to be melee, but I’m ranged now. I lead with Mirabelle and I have a decent support behind her to maintain.

The point being made is within a few months all the only achieved through payment ascendables will dominate the f2p teams again, just like before the 6s. This game is going a long way just to do a 360°, nothing has changed, the game will go right back to where it was bc Scopely definitely will never be mistaken for player friendly


Bingo. No one put a gun to your head to spend. :smile:

What scopley is relying on is f2p people with newly viable teams to push the whales to spend to get ahead and then them demolishing you all the time again to get you to spend to try to keep up.


Scopely has figured out the money game and they’re brutal at it. And someone will still spend to get ahead while I keep maintaining and slowly progress my own way. I’m a sardine compared to you whales, but the difference is that I’m happy with my overall progression since day 1. Just saying. At the end of the day, it’s their game we are playing.

They are already out of this time and state since its a 2 year+ old post :joy::joy:

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No kidding. OP hasn’t posted since 2018 lmao

100% with you👍