Lack of motivation


I’m looking at the rewards for this weekends war and there doesn’t seem to be the normal outrage, have we just all become so accustomed to crap that these are acceptable prizes, I’m genuinely looking at them and can’t believe it, they are the worst prizes they have ever given yet the community seems OK with it,

There is nothing there I am looking at and going that I’m any way is acceptable especially if you are in a weaker faction who lack ascendance material how is this going to help, as you can’t even get tokens for a 5* that can eventually accumulate to a character you can sacrifice.

This is pathetic this is really scraping the bottom of the barrel, 3rd is better of in 4th as they will get 3 items instead of one(even if it’s tier4) the same number of benidicts and a few less trainers, it is genuinely like your begging our factions to give up

Please for the love of God change this, it is an unacceptable prize structure


Kalishane allready confirmed that rank 1-3 will get higher tier bags then 4th and lower.

Else its much better rewards/milestones then CRW so im way more happy:)


You’re that guy aren’t you? Lol. Please do explain how these rewards/milestones are better in anyway besides the fact that we get 6* toon gear. Kinda just sounds like someone who is just trying to be complicated and suck up to scopely for whatever reason.

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You mean gear, top end gear that we used to get with a unique character and trainers,
so basically what has happened is we have simply lost the character that we used to get this is no way near better


Come on… benedicts should be milestone rewards. If your not going to give us ascendable toons in the top three ranks, at least allow players to try and pull an ascendable toon.

I just don’t even know what to say anymore. Where are these toons? They are leaked on VK so they have to have been created already right? This is a slow painful death that we are seeing. The last ascendable that we have was siddiq. Feels like forever ago.


5* tokens are like sacrificial lambs to some, but some people dont have the charcters to ascend as they all seem to P2P at the moment is it a month since the last one? What are you supposed to do if you have no character that can ascend?
War is supposed to be the pinical of this game, The game mode and promote competition these rewards dont do that my faction is already making there excuses to do other things this weekend , This might be acceptable for mid week faction events but not this that requires so much time investment (were a number one faction)

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I do agree that prizes could be better. But its back to back so i wasnt expecting much to start with. I get epic gear, active trainers that i need so many off, ar trainers.

Only lack legendary medals tbh, except for the ascendable toon ofc:) but you see one angry viking if the war/CRW after Thanksgiving doesnt bring the bacon.


Something along the lines of 20k tokens grants you a chance for the toons like Shiva Force Rick / the newer 5* or ascendable 5* that are actually useful… Whereas two Benedict’s give you two confirmed fodders. so regardless you’ll likely get fodder, but with tokens you have at least some kind of a shot at a decent toon.
To me, the only bright side to the rewards is that you won’t be disappointed when you get the rewards because the most you’ll have been expecting the whole war is two fodder toons (or one depending on where you rank) whereas if we got tokens (you have got to admit) everyone is hoping for two useful toons… at least a little bit.
I’d rather have the chance at two decent characters and be disappointed and evaluate my life choice in even playing this game and get over it within 5 min than getting just two plain old Benedict’s.


Open 10 elite item tokens get more trainers including Benedict than these rewards. War all weekend for the same or less?

What makes war unique if the prize is stuff you get everywhere! War carried this game before because of the anticipation of getting a toon that might help your team.


I just don’t even care anymore.

Scored 450k during crw. Telling my faction to replace me this war or be prepared my super low activity. Current rewards as they are currently listed are not worth my time and effort.

I’ll be spending my time looking at the other games IUGO works on not under Scopely direction to see if they peak my INTEREST. At least they care about the end users as we can clearly see in their engagement with players who ask questions and report bugs.

@CombatDevIl any recommendations. Feel free to PM me as I’m sure you can’t say publicly.


437k here. We’re already discussing whether to actually skip war. The only thing we’re still playing for, we are considering skipping. How many times can we get slapped in the face?


I’ve told my faction to replace me this weekend with no guarantee I’ll be back at all. See how I feel after the weekend. This game has become a shell of what it used to be, just farming and grinding with little fun to be had.


Not skipping here. but might go full natural energy farm mode… although is CRW actually worth farming for(probably another token war for CRW) or better to just take weekend off. Heck take few weeks off and come back in a bit to see if there is anything worth doing in the game?


Honestly, some of us are actually saving our 5*s and not using them as Ascension fodder. All characters can have a use (most importantly, in SR). I have 5 star characters I may not use all the time, but I also have a slowly growing list of Benedict’s for all the free ascendable characters I’ve received in the past few weeks (Zeke, 2x Carl, 3x Mirabelle, Negan, Tyreese, and 2x Abe). This game has taught me patience is key. Everyone wants to be done so fast, but where’s the fun then?

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It lost its fun with 6*’s bro.


It really didn’t. Before the 6*s, I couldn’t compete with the top guys. I was ready to quit.

When the 6*s came, I slowly rose through the ranks. Now, the 3rd best faction wants me, but my loyalty is key to my faction. We are rising together as a team and I’m having fun again.

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So what you are saying is that you are free to play and all my paying for those toons are useless for me to be beat by trash that didn’t spend to get the roster you have now?? Please save you praises for when you spend and you get the shaft like the majority of us used to be whales who got dicked over by scopely.


I am ambivalent about the prizes, because the way our region is, we can’t take top place anyway (too strong for other factions = less matches than them)

BUT it shows they are listening to us. Gear and trainers are what we asked for. Gear and trainers are what we are getting.

Hopefully some ascendable old 5 stars are on the way soon :slight_smile:


If you find something, let a sista know.


What I’m saying is I love that the game is finally leveled out now. I’m having so much fun playing a game with an awesome mythos. It feels good to feel like a badass!