Lack of Liliths

Why Lilith’s milestone is always above Ulysses’ one ? Isn’t Ulysses supposed to be more uncommon ?

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Because they know the rush is way more important than the active 95% of the time.


I guess it’s different for different people but I’ve always seen Lilith as more important than Ulysses. Hell most toons I only use 4 Ulysses on compared to 9 Lilith. Also I’m always drowning in Uly. I would prefer if they swapped spots on milestones but I understand why it is the way it is


I’m also drowning in Ulysses since 3/4 of active skills are useless. But it is always like this : highest tournament milestone gives Lilith, second highest gives Ulysses. Scopely should swap sometimes.

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Check the shop, box in there right now :slight_smile:

Lol what an offer? I thot maybe the box of trainers from leagues came early :joy:

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Its cause they want to try to push the sales of lilths and if you havent noticed a lot of the rewards get swapped out for ulysess, this is also done for gear, the war milestones used to include other gear at the 100k mark as well as a gps and canteen now its 1 at 100k and 1 at 200k. All of it is to try to push you to buy offers.


Si peoples purchase Lilith’s offers for £££££

27x Lillith
34x Ulysess
Dont ask about Benedicts couse i lost count

I have about 100 unopened Lilith + uly crates… I think I only have a handful of bennies bc I use them bitches in level up since they hand me out like candy


scopley wants you to purchase them.

Remember scopley way is to make us pay.

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$$$$$$$. The only language Scopely understands.

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