Lack of Legendary Medals

For the first time in probably forever, I am able to T4 and level 6*s faster than I can ascend them. It seems I have to wait a couple weeks before I’m even able to ascend one, and I have a pile of toons I have to ascend.

This is becoming bothersome as hell. The gear shortage was fixed and I appreciate it, but we need access to more medals or larger amounts of them.

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Yea thats pain in the ass 4 me too.They schuld add 2 more boxes to Sr depo.

It shouldnt even cost medals anymore. Let’s be real.


Surprisingly I have a surplus and I haven’t bought any.


The last 2 milestones from the last war gave a lot of medals

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Depends how you play.
Either: be more strategic or grind more


With wheels like Walker tokens and other toon events I think alot of people have had a huge influx of new decent toons recently. Myself included.
There is a serious bottleneck of everything in this game atm apart from toons.
It seems as usual Scopley is forcing people to spend for all the required items.
Or just pick the toons you really need wisely and ascend them first.
And as always Grind for everything you can get from tourneys and events.
Finally try to resist anymore pulls on walker token wheels. :joy:

You have more than you need when you do not ascend everything that you can ascend. Select what you really need and definitely gonna use on attack / defence teams.


That’s exactly what I’m doing. I haven’t ascended a toon in about 2 weeks. I log in every day and participate in every tournament

How do you run out of this though?!
I can’t understand it. Even the solo lvl up provides us with shitload of legendary medals.
(bear in mind I don’t farm legendary medals like a fanatic, I just get these from events…)


Just save your cans and he toons you level for solo and get medals common sense, I’ve ascended 3 in the last few days and still have all of these just ascend the ones you need not just because you have them


Again, exactly what I’m doing. I’m down to only 10 more T3 6*s I can T4 because I’m maxing them faster than I’m getting them

been buying the sr crates every day, helps along with the milestones and roadmaps

OP, you’re going to have a really good defense… eventually

How many 6* do you have is the question if you have over 2k gold medals

Yes thank you for bringing this up. I have over 20 maxed ascendables - good ones waiting and waiting. I have a massive amount of normal medals but lack legendary medals. Make a free or discounted ascendance event like mod unequip.

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I have 46 6*, recently used several as liliths. (Mostly negan)

Medals are everywhere. I have done the ascendancy roadmap exactly one time and buy the survival crate maybe once a month. Everyone has different needs. I could ascend all kinds of guys but why when I have fuck all for liliths heh

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not the only one

I would like a half price ascendance event which would mean it would cost 150 legendary medals and 125,000 ascendance medals

Dont ascend dupes and toons that wont be a use to you. Think
Screenshot_2019-01-08-10-01-55 T4 for only characters that seems good to me and have some use in my teams

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