Lack of Info - CoW

@JB.Scopely can you please explain how moving in and out of the CoW region will work?

If Im not mistaken you had mentioned that this region will only be for war. So no level up for the factions joining? No territories? Will hordes stash reset? Solo SR ends a couple of hours before CoW, so I assume people will be able to move after they receive SR rewards. Is there a time window for people to move in and out of this region because for some CoW will start/end during the middle of the night? What will happen to league points?

All this silence will make it harder for factions/ individual players to organize the transfer. I just started the Square One mission which lasts 6days and would be pissed if I have to abort it :confused:


It would be horrible if they reset the Hordes stash, a real downer.

Apart from the reference to Bovines (I think the term is War of Champions, so WoC), this is all valid. We need clear answers on this.

The solo LU is a good one as many might be relying on that last solo to hit a museum collection, and whilst few will deny themselves the opportunity because of the collection, it might change people’s approach to the other LU’s this week.

Why do we need info towers trash or op rewards trash gear and high % for shitie hord tokens

Which are none of the questions OP was asking…

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This doesn’t effect me, I look forward to my 10 tokens in CRW this weekend coming

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These issues won’t matter much for top 5 factions, but Im sure bottom 15 of the 40 are asking themselves these questions and still debating whether to go or not. I mean if world map isnt available I would have to stock enough survivors to keep going past the weekend. And WoC is supposed to happen in less than 5days…

I don’t think this would realistically impact a lot of people’s decisions to go, but that doesn’t change that these things should be communicated to the players

As long as you’re not in a faction when war starts, you can transfer after it starts.


This is a region like the others with world maps, road maps, and territories. You can raid and farm. The differences are, it takes a special key to transfer in, there will be AOW instead of CRW, and after this weekend there won’t be any of the events on the schedule.

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I thought the faction would be getting a transfer key? I’m not exactly sure how faction transfers work anyway.

War of Champions is linked to personal accounts not faction.

Yes but In the post somewhere it said something about needing to work around your leader I’ll have to go back and find it.

When the leader of a faction initiates a transfer, they have the option to also transfer the faction. If they do choose to transfer the faction, everyone else is removed from the faction and receives an inbox message telling them which region they should transfer to in order to rejoin their faction.

I see. Interesting. So layers don’t need to leave themselves. They will be kicked. Hats actually a good system.

Hi everyone!

I hear you on the lack of information regarding the upcoming War of Champions.

We’ll have a last sync with the folks in LA later today, to align on the final details, and I’ll then be able to craft a new thread listing all information on how this will take place this weekend.

Thanks for bearing with me as usual :cow2:

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Thanks a lot. :+1:

I’m gonna eat your cow on a sesame seed bun . Thanks for info

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I know this is off topic JB but can you clarify if there was visual glitches in regard to team costs in hoardes event i.e. Being attacked by a team which adds up to more than 100?

it’s what i’ve heard so far and taken to our devs for further investigation. I’ll paste more press on relevant threads upon hearing back.

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