Lack of clear communication


From release there has always been bad communication between players, ads, and the support staff.

Scopee states they are always looking for feedback to improve the game but rarely acts on the important topics.

Case and point was the miss information regarding the zero energy map. Rampant rumors where spread. There was no official announcement to players. It was just slid under the carpet.

Another point. Ages ago ads stated open 30 and get the featured 5*. The system did not work and users never got the rewards. Staff dealt with cases if they complainted and often did not give them the promised rewards.

In most of the problem cases support provides incorrect information. I was told ages ago I would be given the 5* and never did. After several back and forth communications. One saying again I would get the reward and the next saying it was a mistake and not possible.

Same goes for the zero energy road map and support giving completely wrong information. I was told it is still happening and just delayed.

Why is communication so poor? Is English a second language to scopee?


Same here I had no idea about the weapon map for Dwight’s gun they never gave us a clear heads up about the only way to Finish getting the gun was to hit the milestones for the lvl up I was just waiting for a new map to get released and it never came 75 short on two things


I agree communication is horrible. For example, the next existing ascendable toon. They gave us the list of who to expect. Siddiq became ascendable. And then nothing. So many have asked which one is next or a timetable in general but no response.

However, Scopely did not promise the featured toon in a 30 pull. They promised an epic toon ie 5-star.


I would like to see others list examples. Maybe instead of turning this into a debate it can be an example.