Lack of 5 * Trainers


Why is Benedict the only 5* trainer? Shouldnt Ulysses and Lilith also be 5*? Lack of access to 5 star fodder is holding a lot of people back from being able to ascend to 6* characters. Currently I have no 6 * toons but 2 ready to be ascended but I have nothing to feed them. I have 3 Benedicts, 4 Ulysses and 7 Liliths. I should get to choose if I want to save Ulysses and Lilith for my 6* or use them to create one. From a rarity and reward perspective they are both equal or above Benedict but are only 2* toons.


Yay, two more events down and not a single 5* trainer.


I agree, benedict has been MIA for some time now…