Lack luster effort from Scopely

I see other mobile games in Christmas mood or holiday mood in general. Decorating the maps and etc. Giving out free gifts and the getting you in the spirit. These days it seem like they constantly just shoving deals and after deals calling it a holiday deal. Could have gave us some rewards like trainers or some gears at least. I’m hoping scopely get some new leadership on board and make 2020 better. 2019 wasnt a good year for them.


Out of curiosity, what makes you think they will change anything in their behavior towards customers? I mean they’ve had years and players continue to hope like gullible kids or betrayed spouses just to get disappointed next week anew.

You’re going for lunch every week in the same restaurant that treats you like the worst of the worst since years and even is ripping you off? If that’s the case then you’re pretty stupid. All of you who cry they didn’t get some free useless crap in a mobile game during the holidays should rethink their priorities.

Either people are mature and move on, or keep being childish hopeful and get treated like horse manure each week again. People no longer can say it’s the fault of the company because Skopelie knows pretty well what they’re doing. At this point it is people’s own fault when they cannot get rid of their attachments, or addiction. Whatever fits to them.


It wasn’t a good year for them and their relationship with us. But it might have been amazing for them… financially. We don’t know

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