Lacerator Shiva - Good Or Crap?

Is she good or bad? Got her from the 15 dollar offer.

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Very good


Great! Bleed by passes boosted hp i use bleed mods on my attack team but those cant compare to the damage shiva puts out


My is only t1 max atm and in testing phase but looks good

Does lac also double mods? Like if one toon does 100 bleed cause of a mod, will shiva double that?

Never had a problem taking her out and she’s never caused any issues for me yet but she looks awesome none the less.

People that put her on defense lololol


Hehe madness

Flex post but a very good toon nevertheless

This wheel gave me blue alpha too but she doesn’t look good at all lol so I didn’t bother to ask if she’s good

Honestly Idk but can try it and let you know. But think yes

Blue alphas great! Better than having disarm michonne or decap tyreese? No. Her vs shiva in a 1v1, shiva wins. But alpha puts in damage, her with bryan behind kenny can be great for towers and farming also

You should probably make a poll, cause no one else does that :crazy_face::joy::rofl:


She’s great if you build her right

Yes itbdoes

Hey I have a defense team with her and it works surprisingly well. I’ve tried replacing her with other characters and the team doesn’t win as often. So I stick with what works. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Shame no kitten shiva exists she would be amazing for defense

She is wonderful. Equip the entire offense team with bleed mod and she kill double shield team with ease (I mean, how many defenses are there who have bleed resist mods)

I deatroy those Lydia/ Garrett teams on a daily basis. Green Abe lead, Bruce, green Shiva, white Shiva, Ivanova/ Kal.

O.o who hurt you

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You be sleeping on alpha

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