Labour day bags worth it?

Are the labour day weekend weekend bags worth it

only if you desperately need toon cards they sell shirts with. don’t expect anything of big value from opening bags. my guess is it’ll either be varnish, 5 liliths or 10 bradys.

A faction mate bought some but only got Bradys and varnish.

I opened 2 bags and got 10 benes and 8250 coins by a miracle


I bought the 15 bucks offer with 3 Shirts. Got 2x1k Trader Cards and 10 Benes

:point_up_2:yeah yeah you 2 :joy:

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I am not buying them.

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I bought every labor day offer that popped up :grin::muscle::+1::sunglasses::joy:

What did you get in the 10 bags ?

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