L offer bug - please advise

I just bought an L for 100 coins, believing it is there so people can finish the last words thing without levelling twice.

However, this has done nothing to reflect my event progress. I have levelled up once already but the L I purchased did nothing to the event tracker.

Surely this is not working as intended? @GR.Scopely

It is working as intended.


The way ALL missions work, when you complete the mission requirement, you can collect the mission reward. There are 2 different missions associated with the letter ‘L’ in two completely different ways.

When you level up your player level 1 time, you complete the first mission and receive the first reward. This reward, then completes the second mission and you receive the second reward. There’s a chain event here - leveling up ends up completing both missions.

When you buy the letter ‘L’ (or choose it from a choice box), you will complete the second mission requirements and get the second mission rewards. But you have NOT completed the requirements for the first mission and therefore do NOT get the rewards for the first mission.


Thanks for the reply @LadyGeek, but I’m a little confused as I have levelled up once, which did complete the first mission.

I assumed that by buying the second L then it would complete the second part without me having to levelling again, which I don’t think I can do given the time frame. Does that make sense? I think your reply assumed that I hadn’t levelled my player level at all?

Exact same response. There’s a mission where the requirement is “level up your player level”. When you buy a letter L, that does not meet this mission requirement so you don’t get the reward. There’s a second mission “get the letter L”. When you buy a letter L, that one will be completed and you will get that reward.

Two different events two words with the letter L.

With all the issues and everyone complaining about level up L this sale was put in place to trick it’s players into buying a letter L that they did not need or want.

This seems to be common practise on this game.

Thank you for this post as I thought it was for the level up also. But after looking at it more closely it seems to be a shady sale designed to trick people into buying something they don’t need.


Nah it isn’t working i bought 2 L’s and even leveled up the player level and only got credit for the player level I went up too. Even looked in all my stuff to see if it was in an unclaimed bag that I had to claim and it is nowhere, so I spent the coins for both for no reason at all and only have the one for the player level. Messaged support but probably won’t get a response before the event ends with wait times, so will they give me back my coins I spent or what since I didn’t get what I bought? Just curious what I need to do about this situation

Ahhh gotcha, sorry i had a senior moment! Ty for clearing it up

Yes tbh that’s exactly what I thought. Not really clear unless you look into it a bit.

Its working correctly. I just leveled up once. Like LadyGeek said, its not for L is for Level Up mission but to complete the word.

Thanks mate, I should have looked into more before pulling the pin. Derp on my behalf.

However, you have to admit, with the issues people have been having with the levelling… It’s understandable why some people would do exactly the same thing as me. Look before you leap I guess.

Why would you buy 2 L’s and level up? Isn’t that just a waste of coins since you only need 2?

No I think you must need four in total. Two for levelling and two others for the other premium word event. At least that’s what I think?

No you only need 2. When you complete the one for the standard mission it also completes it in the premium one.

I levelled once and used the gold quill from level up for the 2nd. All the L missions are completed except the 2nd level up one.

In hindsight yes but still don’t have them so what difference does it make and it’s my coins, plus I didnt see I was that close to leveling up anyway and even still if I bought them shouldn’t they be somewhere

If you haven’t got them hopefully support will help you.
But probably after 50 messages arguing with them.

I’m confused as there are a lot of L’s needed.

God knows where it went… But lo and behold, I have completed the dolls one without a second level up? But I still am one L short?

I’m gonna give up on this one!

You levelled up once which completed level up mission 1 of 2. If you want to complete the second level up mission you need to level up again. That one level up would complete one level up mission, one legendary medal mission and one premium mission.

All other ‘L’ missions can be completed through other means (purchase, gold quill etc).

You’ve completed the other Legendary medal mission and the premium mission because you bought an L but the only way to do the last one is to level up again.

Take 2 screenshots of your missions. Identical to these and post them here.

@bun - I have addressed this here Last Words: Bear Hunt - “Collect L” and “Level up your player level to earn an L”

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You explanation is not quite as clear as others being posted here. @LadyGeek and @Kanaima both have been explaining the difference quite well, maybe include their explanations in your post.