‘L’ for Princess missions doesn’t even register

So you gave us the crazy missions of levelling up our player level, twice in less than 3 days. With no xp map, no sr event. Insane. Now you give us a solution to fix this ourselves, if we want to pay to do so. 2 ‘L’ for 200 coins. I’d like the Princess, so ok, I bought it. Except those Ls don’t even register toward the word we need them for, they don’t actually fix the level up saga. It’s just another money grab. Really bad look here @GR.Scopely


Thats how it is supposed to work. Claim the rewards in the top screenshot


I did. It doesnt count towards DOLLS, only the other missions. It’s misleading to sell the letters we’ve all been complaining about, and not have them even count on that complaint

Those L from mission are triggered by raising your player level.
The word is completed by collecting letters from any source.
You buy L, you get Teddy Bear. Thats the solution.


No I understand that. My point is the misleading nature of it, they’re only selling those letters because of all the complaints of the 2 level ups. But they don’t even fix that complaint

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They made that offer right after I spent my league coins on pulls… And I’m F2P. Scopely is such a joke, they can’t fix territories for years, instead they keep adding even more shit nobody ever asked for. And, what’s even funnier, the “new features” are also glitched, bugged and not balanced at all. I guess I should be happy because we got a CRW blitz. For a change, nobody asked for it. As always

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So it’s gets you the teddy bear but not the ascendance medals?

Yes, doesn’t count toward the Ls in DOLLS

They didn’t register in the bottom part for me but I got the rewards and the bear. They also registered in the premium sections.

So, all good.

They did fix it.
You get the bear which is the only reward that matters.
Just because you don’t get a little check mark beside your level up mission doesn’t mean anything.
The only way to complete that mission is to level up your player level but you still got your medals and the bear…

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You misunderstand my point. Yes we get the bear. It’s misleading. But they’re only selling those Ls because of the levelling up.

Well considering you get the letter L from completing the action, why would you think buying the letter L would give you credit for the action? That’s not how it works.

I don’t know what’s misleading about that. They are selling the L so you can bypass that mission and still claim the bear.


My point is the sale is only because they set these impossible targets, so now we get to pay if we want to fix it, instead of them actually working on the way they don’t seem to understand their own game or player base. Right now, war is messed up for loads of us, I wouldn’t be surprised if they offer to sell us the milestones next, instead of fixing it. My point wasn’t about the bear, I paid the coins, I collected it, my point is how they just want us to constantly pump money in and won’t actually fix things.

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Your point seemed to be about the misunderstanding of what should be completed. If your point is that it’s despicable for Scopely to put up such an unattainable mission and then sell the reward knowing most people won’t be able to do it and will have to buy to complete, then yes I fully agree. Scopely has shown their true colors a lot lately. They don’t give a shit about us, even if we are spending which we shouldn’t.

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Yes that’s what I meant. I didn’t say I thought they would count toward the level up, I just pointed out that it doesn’t. Since that unattainable goal is why they’re selling those Ls, I think it’s misleading, and we’re supposed to pay to fix their lack of understanding of the game

Yes it’s a dick move by scopely to implement the mission in the first place but 200 coins is minimal. Two days of watching videos.

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It was like that even with the Jones event

Going to throw it out there, its not a dick move.

The dick move was expecting players to level up twice within three days. A clear indication that they are out of touch with the game.

Most only need one L as levelling up within three days isn’t totally unachievable. 100 coins is pittance in reality. If you can’t farm this from Scavs, Leagues, Arenas, Videos and Tapjoy then you quite probably aren’t at the level where 1 teddy bear isn’t really going to be making a huge difference to you.

Yes, I get this is Scopely capitalising on their mistake and personally I think everyone should have been issued a single free L and told to like it or lump it. But its only one teddy bear. And you need 425 to get S-Class Princess. It probably won’t affect most in the long run.

It’s not misleading as others have pointed out. The mission is to level up your player 1 time (twice) the reward for this is the letter L. Expecting the letter L to complete the mission would be like getting 200 Weapon Tokens and expecting the daily mission to complete 6 raids to shown as completed. Why would receiving the reward register as completing the mission?


I know, it’s just the principal of us constantly being expected to pay, to keep up with Scopelys lack of giving a shit

It’s a little misleading though, it offers you a maximum of 2 Ls to buy. There are 2 Ls needed in the other side of the event, only 1. So it would be easy for someone to presume it might help toward the DOLLS part