Konrad (tough) mod ideas

Wondering how those with Konrad have set up their mods? I am having trouble finding a good way to use him, and I think my mods are part of the reason why. I went with a crit set, shown below. Thoughts, advice, suggestions?

high crit chance mod, attack set, high crit damage mod, attack set. Slays…

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i will look for both of those now that we have the free removal event, thanks

Not konrad, but this is what i have on bryan. I found that with crit set, my collateral damage was very lack luster, dealing around 100-200 every crit. With the attack set, i do 300-500 every crit


thats what i have noticed too, the damage was very very low. Then i see these crazy videos of him taking out 3-4 toons in one hit and wonder what i am doing wrong. ha.

How are you liking Bryan? What did you do with his weapon? Still debating him or Princess and want to know what kind of damage he deals

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Thanks everyone, this is already helping a ton in friendly duels with some tests. only have two of the crit damage mods, and the gold one that is 41% is not an attack set. but still, i can already see a big improvement in how he attacks. I will keep tinkering. any other advice is welcome.

also wondering about bryan, I am torn between him and princess

Weapon, nothing so far, as i got him yesturday. So far, im liking him. Replaced neut gov, with bryan and i’ve been destroying Gabriel teams with him.

Planning on going for his weapon:
35 crit
Huge bonus on attack
80% splash


Exactly what i would do with his weapon. Thanks!

you should do the attack while impaired its good too

Could we not call something that should always be free an “event”.

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We could, but it won’t change how scopely does things.

By the way, love sam beam. Upward over the mountain is one of my all time favorite songs


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