Konrad Tokens VS. Halloween Tokens - Which one was better?



i have done tons on each and havent gotten anything good from either.


Konrad tokens, for sure


Both were trash for me so…


Garbage from both for me. Its a draw.


Over 20 4s from konrad pulls not a single 5 got acendable red gov from holloween tokens and the rest just 5* fodder


They both stink because they each guarantee a 93% chance for us to pull either a worthless 4 or non-ascendable 5-star. :-1:


Only did pulls from the halloween wheel and got Axel, Roadie, Joshua revive (dupe), OG Dwight & Dwight revive (alert), althought not awesome it’s still 4 new non ascendable toons on my roster :man_shrugging:


Halloween pull


I kind of liked the Halloween pull better, but that is because I got 6* alpha.


Considering I’ve gotten Dante and naya in about 25 pulls from Konrad tokens and I’ve gotten 8 Benedicts from Halloween wheel I’ma say Konrad tokens are way better


Konrad all you garbage f2p will say Halloween other wise Konrad most of the time everyone gets a ascendable


I wouldn’t call the F2P garbage…


I got priya from konrad tokens so i vote konrad


F2P will say Halloween because they didn’t have to pay to get an ascendable. I haven’t pulled from the Konrad tokens yet (most likely gonna be a waste of time anyways).


I got damn lucky with them, worth the buy.


Eh, last time I tried pulling on a wheel like that I got 4 stars to show for it.



40 Konrad pulls and 12 or so Halloween pulls and no ascendables so I think they’re both terrible


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I’m not sure if the drops were at a higher rate at the beginning of Konrad tokens, but my pulls have been miraculous and I couldn’t be happier. I haven’t kept track of how many pulls, but it should be around 40. I’ve pulled Dante (2), Koa, Kal, Clementine, and Hershel.

Of the group, 1 Dante, Koa, Kal, and Hershel came on the first day of Konrad tokens. As for Halloween pulls, 0 ascendables thus far.