Konrad Tokens VS. Halloween Tokens - Which one was better?



Which one of these was better in your opinion?
My pulls:

Konrad Tokens:
-A few misc. 4 stars
-Dual Blade Michonne and Blue Romanov. Possibly others
-Ascendable Marlon and Red Jesus

Halloween Tokens:
-Blue Bruce, unnamed 5 star I cannot remember
-Ascendable Yellow Beta

So yeah, in my opinion the Konrad Tokens are much better, but I’d love to hear your opinions!


Dumb as hell question. You can get legendaries from Halloween.


Very few people have though. I’ve seen extremely nice pulls from the Konrad wheel, the best I’ve seen from Halloween Tomens is ascendable Davie


Maybe, but still a chance.
Plus Konrad tokens have dud four stars.
At least you’re guaranteed a benny more or less with halloween tokens.


Still. (7 Characters)


Well, I will admit the selection of non-ascendable epics are nicer in Konrad tokens.


Yeah, and I see a lot more people pulling them too. (Marlon seems to be more common than some of the non ascendable 5 stars lmao)


I have been buying the 230 coin crate hoping to get Marlon.
Just lots of four star dwights.


I feel this question is super subjective. I pulled two ascendables (one of them was the future ascendable blue Dwight) so feel like the Halloween wheel is much better than the $15 i dropped on the Konrad wheel to no avail


Halloween wheel is a joke, classic $coply designed the wheel rewards for it being some bonanza where a simple roadmap would give you a pull, while the f’ing moron at ‘live ops’ give you one free pull over a month, and shove paid ‘offers’ for the rest. Give 5-7 pulls for top factions in crw which end up bennys, and call it a day.

What… a… shitshow.


Halloween Tokes of course. Konrad Tokens gave me 14 4 Stars and none of them was an Allen, Green Carson or another Good one, translates to Trash


A lot of Halloween pulls on numerous regions :slight_smile:


Complete trash hahaha @JB.Scopely


Got :poop: from both (20 from Konrad and 10 from Halloween) so both are bad.


It’s 2 sided, some people will just say they had better luck on Konrad and others in Halloween.

As per myself, I preferred Konrad just because it gave me Marlon, while Halloween, nothing of interest (Apart Hershel 5* )


Just awful tokens, both actually, war rewards were a joke when they gave 15 anniversary tokens , bigger joke now getting what equals to 3 Bennys, have over 70 bennys already. Best reward this weekend was an elite toon token from a random war crate that gave me ascendable Maggie. These rewards really are putting in perspective what the game has become. :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:


From my own pulls I had a way more luck with the Konrad tokens, granted I did probably do x2 as many (10 v 20). I ended up with only ascendables and not legendaries true but I can work with them. All in all I think I got x2 marlon, a Laura and a Dante from Konrad, while the best I got from Halloween was roadie (purely because she was new)


The halloween one i guess at least from there i got 3 toons that i didn’t have before.


I got garbage from both wheels so they’re both garbage imo


got legendary blue began, crazy