Konrad Pull Thread


I love this toon personally. I wish i had 100 bucks to do a 40 pull but i dont want to go broke soo lol. I did a ten pull thanks to league rewards and i got

Anyone else pull?


got the 5* version on a 10 pull, was going for the 3 year tokens as I only needed 5 to pull on the wheel, I was shocked when Konrad came out as he is only my 2nd prem recruit in 3 years playing. guess who my first was……. red konrad


Congrats on Alpha @Master_Exploder


Man I can’t imagine a team with Dwight lead, Alpha and Konrad… the bonus crit and attack would DESTROY Mirabelle and Erika with the splash damages.


I did a single and got a four star, but at least I tried


NICE!! Alpha


I still don’t know why I did a 10 pull. Honestly… But 9 4* and this magnificent beast…
I think he’s going to get along my new blue Michonne from 3rd anniversary and blue Ty under Dwight lead…




Better than 4s lol


i got him as 6* on $100 pull and rest was all 4 stars lmao i have worst luck in this game.


6 times 4☆


I put 4.4k coins on the line. Long story short, I’m bumping my early retirement to today.


Everyone loves a tryer buddy


Done 21 pulls and got 20 4’s and my third Jesus green 5 absolute poop


Make that 32 pulls just done another ten and got shitty blue 5 star revive Abe and Randall the game can die


make it 72 and do a 40 pull… u will get 39 4* and a 5* ascendable zeke…:smiling_imp:


Single lmao


Just wondering… how good is alpha? Premium recruit level, good, average, or gator level?


oof(7 chars)


Congrats tho @Miia