Koa owners question?

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What I will say is I do not have the melee roster depth to utilize him fully. A Carl, Shiva, Maggie, Shiva, Glenn team does not do him justice. This is a kill or be killed team nothing more.

I’d be interested in seeing a attack down toon behind dante, with Yvette, Koa, and Glenn team that can really allow him to soak up some damage. I think too many view is on the F2P build + Koa.

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Add Yumi and Siddiq’s t2 confuse to the mix. Makes shields basically useless and both are f2p toons.

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Yes shields are easier to get around than ever before but you are still using a turn to do so and a mix of counter actives would certainly get him right back into the fight.

I don’t think we have seen how useful he can be just yet. For instance ricks Elusive covering him turns off AP gain for anyone attacking, would be amazeball if it lasted two turns but it’s only a 1 turn. Throw a Defense buff on him or attack down on you and he will sit there grining all day long. He’s designed for a stall team and only a few players have the toons necessary to potentially leverage him as such.

I’m still waiting to see him. Either no one pulled in my region or they are still doing the prep work. I have faced all the top factions a few times too.

Yep, he will be the centerpiece of a stall team for sure. I had very little problems with Carl teams and adding the Gov has cut down on the length of the battle quite a bit. Gonna pick up a second one since my region is like 90% carl teams on def as soon as I can.

Stall team I think I know who you would need Carl can be replaced by Aaron when comes out considering Aaron’s active of heal the lowest for 40% he please keep everyone topped off while being favoured by many four r being a hit and heal

Faction duels I held off several blue line ups even mixed with governor using Carl Bruce Shiva Koa Glenn. Issue with greens are they rely on stun triggering to win. It’s the nature of the beast.

I only know 1 or 2 players with the melee roster depth to build a proper tank team. Many of the toons needed are. Underwhelming on their own so not. Many pulled them. It’s also not easy to do at the moment as the actives do not line up well at least in comparison to the reds I run.

I was thinking Maggie lead though she’s a weird one. Yvette is all around better healer 3 rounds and a little bonus hp thrown in. But in any case you get the point. Tank team, needs a revive in there and needs alot of counter active to clear the ridiculous amount of control 6s are throwing.

I mean seriously everyone comes packed with affect two or three. They should have held to just two, not much room to improve beyond just dropping the rush cost.

I can think of a stall team for ranged melee will come soon but Erika mackensie (max the active) siddiq (for command) red evasion gov and garret
For ranged however only one of those toons is f2p that being siddiq

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The problem will always be that the computer is far to dumb to run anyone’s team properly. It’s why there is no defense in the game right now. I am incredibly tired of fighting the same teams over and over again. The game is beyond stale at the moment. And not to tell people what to do with thier money I think droping anything into this sinking ship is just plain foolish.

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This one works pretty damn well. Certainly annoying with all the attack down although I could probably use another governor in place of that Rick. Evasion gov would work but alas I. Do. Not have him.

Ooo think I missed your point. Range melee being Garrett lead. that’ll be sexy though I’d like to see more tank blues than yellows as the greens will work those yellows down pretty easily

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Nice. Would love to have that Hershal and Erika. Also, wouldn’t mind having the evasion Gov too.

Yeah that evasion Rick is underrated he’s could work only reason why i say mackensie in a stall team with Erika is backus if Erika goes down mackensie has a chance to get her back plus the all penalties recover ecould be useful yes. I know she’s not exactly tripp but she comes close and has the stash to to be used on defense

You’ve been heard. It’s not as bad as you paint it but the current crop is very limiting as you pointed out. The slot he’s in is generally underutilized at the moment anyways.

Yeah u make a good point. Had to stare at her card again. I was underwhelmed when I saw the active revive… Turn 4, but used alternate Erika could be interesting especially since impair won’t stop it. Issue remains that red. Governor puts down blues even with Erika leading so it is an uphill battle.

I’m fairly certain governor was released to make that active more appealing to players.

Sometimes it’s best to prepare for the future let’s face it bet you tons of ppl want viktor rn because he is in a place where he is like gov from r melee problem is scopley wont promo him they released rosita who is slightly better than Carl if you want to save money prepare for a future meta I wouldnt take out mackensie fast as possible she’s retribution two there fore if you take out mid raid you basically give the other team a this is what makes yvette hard

Yeah, koa isn’t that much of a special toon. Even before he was released, I knew that. Now that there’s toons that can stun, confuse, and taunt, shields are not that efficient as they used to. Put another toon that could heal, buff, or deal good damage instead of a shield

Scopely ironically killed their cash cow by bleeding said cash cow with the ascendance update. Active skills just make them useless on the battlefield.

I’ve only seen one so far. I did the same to him as I did to the michonnes out there. Confuse/stun active skill, and now he sits put.

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The human shield specialist skill should be called the “sitting duck”. It’s so underpowered now.

If you’re gonna defend him as a character. Think of the average spender. They have windowless weapons so they can just add stuns or impair, absolute defenses, etc. and still be useful because they have either a different active skill like retribution, and/or useful ar’s. koa just heals himself if he build up ap. By then you can confuse/stun him again if you have a team that can survive.