Koa owners question?

Anyone using him having success? Anyone facing him having any problems?

Extends the battle nothing more. Governors addition certainly rebalanced against the 6/8 teams running Carl Shiva Glenn Maggie zeke.

I throw him in towers and mid-tier players can struggle with him. Really needs to be tier 4 which I’m 1 hockey mask away from doing.

Have you levelled his ar or active skill?

No of course not. Just want him to take his hits and buy others time.

Issue is everyone and their mother has stun atk weapons. Let him tank best he can. He is very much like using Lee back in the day albeit with and additional turn of waiting to get those rushes popping.

His active is useless. Don’t see any value in it.

Rush… Multiturn heal is great but better. Off coming from a different toon so he can keep on defending.

That’s the point of koa if u were reading my post about my thoughts on koa.

Yeah and he still is. Why? Because when you can delay others in a battle in wars(which is what every top faction is always trying to achieve if they can’t defend) the time you spend in that battle goes agasint you when others are quicker to kill your camp and you find yourself dead with 2-3 energy left to hit with. Another reason like I mention is like @Wanderer mention back when lee was the first human shield lee was never a magna or a shieldchonne comparison but he still gave the team full of andreas(or other devastating characters) the chance to be able to go off without you killing them first. Atm we dont have any real six stats characters that is going to pop like 45 ap five stars did but we are not far from getting back to those times and koa would serve much bigger use once we do.

The right team I can say is with a rosita lead with Maggie winter jesus Glenn and koa. Give the yellows AD and Glenn stun with ap when taking damage. Koa give him a very Tanky weapon and that should lock u up nice and good.

Gov is a nice toon but he isnt going to be your saving grace agaisnt real battles in top factions which I assume you know very little about.

As a moocher clearly

Here’s what ppl forget defese down theese days is basically death it’s even stronger and it will always be I’d say at least - 35 or more is noticeble on a 6* I stead of equipping him with ap down like everyone well give him def down in defence it used to work with Lee but when Lee be amended slightly outdated stats wise there wasn’t a green sheild who had decent defence stats to weild one.
If koa delays a turn and then gives majority of your team - 35 def and he has a shiva which will benifit or a Bruce what’s gonna happen
Also the ones autoing teams are. Ones with either jesus or. Maddison that will stop when theres a defensive unilead like a Ben in 6* format

Why defense down? I always found that special stat underwhelming

As I said underwhelming because the 5* sheilds we had were basically low af defense I a mean Lee and jesus yeah koa has very high defense so he going to stay up and defense down is very useful

You clearly seem to like to troll me and every mention I gave about koa your responds is that you have gov…ok good for you and gov but 76 ap (meaning won’t pop round 2 on attack) and neutralize wont help as koa is the only one you can target (which means you won’t be able to neutralize a Maggie or a shiva) and my stance on koa has always been about just having him as a tank. What are you waiting for a red or yellow shield? NEWS FLASH active skills just moves that out the way so now what? Point is you can make most toons work out for your team you just have to use your brain and think.

Oh ok I see your point I mean it might work out for ya it sounds good because six stars hit hard on just their basic attacks so I can see that. I still prefer a Tanky build for koa over ap down and the -35 defense but not knocking those either.

How many rounds does it take you to take down this said team if you even had fought a great defense that also has koa in it.

You’d still get a tanky if you have 35 hp and 30 defense that’s the best thing about sheilds I mean ppl will go I want red sheild but as ppl we’ll tell you hit with ty recover with mira
Yes you could say what if the sheild was alike jerimiah and his ability to surrvive double atks of ty don’t know bout alpha but he does surrvive toys for definite you could still just go hit with ty or alpha recover stun
And yellow sheilds well there fuked because 6* alpha green is basically I decapitate the whole team

I would avoid 35 hp and just have 35 defense. I do like to see a yellow human shield thou for six stars I personal feel red shields are not as powerful as AD human shields.

AD sheilds aren’t gonna really live tbh once that alpha government live I mean anyone thinking there yellow is safe is screwed I mean double atk chainsaw doesn’t screen green tyreese and the fact that her rush is basically a adjacent hit at 1995 dmg stat that rush is wiping so I’d rather a meat bag which might be slightly disadvantaged to reds because I certainly don’t want to have alpha use her active then decap the fuk out of me

Reason why tyresse and dwight are so devastating with double attack is mainly because of being behind a mirabelle lead giving them the 40 attack multiplier. We dont have a real reliable melee lead like mirabelle leaderskill to make melee attack teams as devastating so alpha wont be very scary imo unless you want to run alpha behind a Madison or a red Kenny agasint melee teams.

Literally no different from a five star shield. All he does is make you use up an extra turn with shiva active skill and he gets out of the way. Absolute michonne accomplished the same thing.