Koa. I mean what just happend!?

Soooo… I don’t know if this was suppose to be a joke or a april fools joke either way… I truely believe that scopely just felt like making a new gator 2.0 becusae hes useful as a 6*… This dude has no point what so ever. 85 AP get 70% hp back overtime… I’d rather take a camoflauge for 1 turn just becuase it’s at least some point for walkers. Koa… just why scopely!?


fooders for 7*s


I’m guessing they want to see how many dumb asses out there will pull for this crap. You know, like a study of sorts.


They’re just doing a psych study for Stanford. Just like the prison experiments:P


He fits the meta - kalishane

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He doesn’t just fit the meta, he IS THE META - andrea


Even as crappy as Koa is they still won’t give him away as a war prize.

Sid was the first, and he’s pretty great actually

Koa is probably a joke. Gotta be. His name probably stands for Keep on Ascending

Oh man, if only he was named KOS…


It has to be a joke. At least that is what I think of that toon. Also, I wish people would stay away from VK.


Always keep in mind that characters leaked are not final – that’s why we haven’t released them yet.


Leaked characters do more damage than they do good. As you can see by this thread and the many more posts and duplicate threads to follow. I stay away from VK and I wish others would do the same, but people will do what they want anyway.


It’s fun to speculate. I agree a lot of people take the leaks too literally, but more often than not, the final versions are the same or similar to the leaks, so it’s not unfounded. I Personally just love seeing what’s to come, and I love compiling the stats of unreleased toons and brainstorming on how they should be released.

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I love this reply. Please take our concerns to the team.


Surely he will be the first war prize lol

@kalishane Thanks please provide feedback to the desginers to change the AR and make it useful becuase the self heal dosen’t make anything good for a raid or defense. :slight_smile: same goes for parting shot really it’s just not something useful.

She should just tell them to scrap him and start from scratch even if his ap was 45 and he had a good specialist skill i wouldn’t ascend him.

Of all the leaks no toon has been changed before xD

So this means nothing because u aint changing a thing

Definitely! I totally understand. It makes sense. Leaked toons are also not for feedback purposes – just want you all to have a head’s up that going forward – leaked toons might be different than they appear. :wink:


I hope so! I’ve barely seen a difference at some leaked toons that were not liked by the community, all I hope is that this reaches the desginers so they can change this guys AR. Cause it’s such a joke really :frowning:


the restore self should be his active skill, like with that abraham rts#3 and the AR should cause some damage, or have other stuff in it besides restore self, that KOA is a very, very selfish toon lol. I imagine that KOA’s active skill is just like rosita’s rts#5 active skill, heal up to 2 teammates for up to 25% of their max hp. I am just speculating here, but yeah, KOA looks like a very, very selfish toon. He looks like more of a medic than a tank. parting shot has to be one of the worst specialist skills too, unless he hits someone with 100-300 hp and takes them out.

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