Koa - Human shield attacking on auto

Player Name: clink
Faction: twilight princess
Region: Blount
Device: iPhone 7
iOS 12.2
Game version 19.0.1
Hopefully this is sufficient

I was autoing survival road this morning and noticed that when my human shield Koa had full hp and full ap he would attack instead of defend. I tested this in a friendly raid as well. Assuming it’s Koa specific - for a shield seeing as his rush only heals and an earlier remedy to healers rushing when everyone has full hp was auto attack.

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koa is not stupid. he knows when an enemy is weak and will die


Koa is secretly a koala.

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drop bear?

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What weapon do you have on him

A weapon wouldn’t make him do regular attacks
If he had ap on attack or defense his rush would go off and heal. Only reason they should attack regular is if you have 2 shields. 1 shields the other acts regular.

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Koa has full health, his AP bar is maxed so he can’t rush which results in him in attacking :slight_smile:

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He’s still a human shield though and shouldn’t attack unless forced - taunt, confuse or manual, no?

could it be because all chars were either stunned and taunt and they ate smart enough to know shield wont matter?

Doesn’t matter unfortunately, I ran Koa on an SR thing. Same thing happened, until I manually used his rush he kept attacking idk

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I do know if all enemies are stunned and his health is full, he will do a normal attack. Unless his ar is leveled which results in him having a 2 turn heal… then he will use the ar.

Noticed this couple of times on SR aswell already. When his HP is full and his rush ready, he’ll attack on auto mode. You gotta use his rush if you want him shielding on auto mode again.

There also seems to be some weird interaction with bonus HP triggering this aswell, but I haven’t been able to reliably reproduce that yet.

Pretty sure it just has to do with how they fixed healing toons who had max ap, healing toons that had max hp. So they would attack on auto instead of wasting a rush

1/10 on ar, that makes sense if it’s leveled since his two turns. Seen that on other toons

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