Koa $100 is he worth it?

So is koa worth spending $100 bucks on or no?

No. It’s a crappy mobile game. Nothing it could do could ever be worth 100 big ones.


That depends on many factors and your personal feelings.

Koa by himself will not give you a great defense, he needs support characters and good builds.

If you don’t have any shields but a great roster with tank leads and revives, maybe he is the missing piece and in that case go for it. If you have an F2P roster with no promos don’t expect to suddenly be defending like crazy. I would say that for all shields though, they need support to get defends.

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No he isn’t

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If your defense is lacking shields and you’re willing to spend that much, then I would go for it.

Makenzie definitely worth $100 koa not so much I’d pass


Koa can be a real tank for you but like stated above he needs a good build along side him. Unless you are throwing these new revive shields on a team with other new revives shields the art of actual team building is needed to run him in your set up. It’s a long lost art with the current cookie cutters op premier meta. But even then we all burn in the end.


Any toon with a price tag should also be f2p in some fashion.

He’s Horrible just because any free to play toons Gov Wanderer can destroy him easy. Totally not worth $100 $25-30 maybe

Koa on a Carl/Gabe team with violet is pretty good.

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Same could be said about every color shield. There are f2p of every color that hit hard as f***. I didn’t like koa at first, but after I got him to 2900 def with mods and a 46% def vs red mod, I defend 90% of the time. I also run double violets which probably helps.

It was worth it a year ago…not now though.

Koa wasn’t out a year ago :thinking:

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People continuing to drop $ on this game is hilarious.

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Scopley = :poop::poop::poop::poop::poop:

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It’s people like you that are poisoning this game. Actually read and comprehend what you wrote.

“Makenzie is definitely worth $100.”

A character. A single character. For a single person. To get slightly better. In a mobile game. Amongst millions of games exactly like it. And then stop using her in a couple of months anyway. Worth $100.

Just because you have nothing better to spend your money on, absolutely does not mean that a single character in a mobile game is worth $100. She’s just a revive. Unless she’s gonna be dropping everyone with a single hit, it’s outrageous that you think bringing one character back to life is worth $100. The best is that $100 is guaranteed to sit there on the shelf eventually. People with $30,000 rosters but only use 5 characters. 🤦🤷

Please stop encouraging these retarded prices.


I’ll just wait for the f2p shield. Might take 2 years but better than dishing out $100 for multi-colored pixels.


Meh who cares


I guess I should have said 6 months?

Just get the survivor’s club.