Knox obtainability question


Since he’s recently been announced as a future legacy ascendable… where can/will we be able to obtain knox from?


From a stash when he’s released just like the rest of em’


Knox will probably be in a stash or as a premier toon, and not added to any permanent pools, is my guess. Knox was a limited time premium museum collection reward, so VERY few players have him. He’s a trophy through and through, but given how much money it took to obtain him, I think it’s good scopely is making him ascendable to make sure that money was well spent



Probably another 800$ museum’s collection


I got him getting third on raid tournament + spending some money on boxes to complete the colection. I hope he come as a good toon. But i guess he will probably cost some money for those who dont have him already

In my region there must be arround 3-5 Knox

Cant wait to see him and Hunter 6*, were the 2 best 5* toon’s i had.


Hunter will be a decent toon, along the lines of a tyreese, Dwight, Mirabelle. Knox I expect to be better than that and same group as Erika, Michonne (even though you could argue she is above everyone) Yellow Rosita


I am doubting this, simply because Erika, Mich, and Rosita are premier chars and premiers are usually better than the F2P’s, for good reason. Yes, Knox is pretty rare but he’s now not a premier. But we will see I guess.


One could argue he cost more than a premier toon, You can technically get a premier on a single pull costing 250 coins. So premiers go for anywhere between 4.99 to X
Knox was behind a pay wall, there was no getting around it, so he is rare, I agree. But a premier toon he is


They take there sweet time to release legacy 6-stars and then pick a few that almost no one has like Knox so for the most of us he might as well be a premiere recruit.

Maggie is locked behind a p12 paywall.

Who wants to bet that Andrea will stink since she’s pretty common.