Known problems for the moment

Again becouse scopely cant hold promises your friendly Raz collects bugs here
So we dont get 100 new messages all the time:

  • Sergent Gao popup make the game go stall.
  • The halloween buy thing namned “Boo” make the game restart and no rewards pay out
  • Terrys still freeze the game
  • Dont open any boxes before you can see your inbox or the game stalls
  • Halloween event have som delays becouse of the final digits (have to add more bugs) havent been cleared
  • Michonne loons make game stall
  • Loons map timer is off

New bugs add them and i fix this list and keep it updated


Pulls from balloon wheel froze game. Not sure if i received items. Contacted support. No reply so far

thanks i add that

Constant pop up of the promo toon is fkin ridiculous.

@JB.Scopely @Hedge @TayTron @GR.Scopely @ForumAdmin @Shawn.Scopely

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Only pops up if your game screen loses focus. Keep the game in the foreground 24/7 to avoid the pop-up.

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Don’t forget the balloon road map crashes if it shows day month year

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